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Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Submitted by: Michael Pappas

Question: 1

Which dual radio access point models support concurrent operations in the 2.4Ghz band as well as the 5Ghz band? (Choose three)

A. AP-92

B. AP-93

C. AP-105

D. AP-224

E. AP-135

Answer: C, D, E

Question: 2

Which of the following APs do NOT support dual radio operations?

(Choose two)

A. AP 93

B. AP 105


D. AP 224

E. AP 135

Answer: A, C

Question: 3

An AP135 has been configured with 3 SSIDs supported on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. How many GRE tunnels will be created between the AP 135 and the controller?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 6

D. 7

E. 8

Answer: D

Question: 4

Centralized licensing is not in use on an Aruba based network which has a Master and three local controllers. No APs terminate on the Master controller. Roles and Firewall policies need to be created and applied, hence PEF-NG license is required

On which controller should the license be installed?

A. Only the master controller since role and firewall policies are created here.

B. only the local controllers since firewall policies are applied here

C. the master and all three local controllers

D. this isn’t the correct license for this purpose, use PEF-VPN license

E. this is not needed because PEF-NG is part of base OS

Answer: C

Question: 5

What information do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?

A. The controller’s MAC address and the feature description.

B. controller’s MAC address and the certificate numbe

C. controller’s Serial Number and the feature description

D. controller’s Serial Number and the certificate numbe

E. controller’s MAC address and Serial Numbe

Answer: D

Question: 6

What are the PEF-NG license limits based on?

A. Number of APs

B. One license per controlle

C. Number of users

D. Number of local controllers

E. Master Controller total user count

Answer: A

Question: 7

Which of the following licenses are consumed by Mesh APs advertising an SSIDs?

A. AP license

B. Mesh license

C. PEF-V license

D. No license is required

E. RAP License

Answer: A

Question: 8

The permanent licenses on the controller will be deleted with the use of which command?

A. delete license

B. write erase

C. Licenses cannot be deleted once activated

D. write erase all

E. reboot delete all

Answer: D

Question: 9

A network administrator wants to terminate VPN sessions on a local controller in the DMZ. Which statement is true about the PEF-VPN license?

A. It is only applied to the master controlle

B. It is only applied to the DMZ controller.

C. It is based on the number of APs

D. One license is needed on the master and the DMZ local

E. It is distributed by the license server as needed

Answer: D

Question: 10

What is the best practice regarding licensing for a backup master to support Master Redundancy in a network without centralized licensing?

A. Backup master only requires the AP license

B. Supported limits and installed licenses should be the same on primary master and backup Maste

C. Licenses are pushed from the primary to the backup Master along with the configuration

D. The Backup Master does not require licenses to support master redundancy

E. On the backup only one license of each type,is needed.

Answer: B

Question: 11

Which of the following licenses can be included in the licensing pool for centralized licensing? (Choose three)

A. Factory default licenses

B. Master Controller licenses

C. Evaluation licenses

D. Local Controller licenses

E. PEFV license

Answer: B, C, D

Question: 12

By default Centralized licensing messages between master and local controllers are sent ___________________.

A. In the clear unencrypted since the master and local controllers already share IPSEC tunnels.

B. Using CPSec

C. Using IPSec site to site VPN tunnels

D. Encrypted using GRE


Answer: A

Question: 13

Which of the following will occur if a master license server fails with no standby server present? (Choose two)

A. Local controllers licenses will continue to be valid for 30 days

B. Local controllers will immediately remove all installed licenses

C. No licenses will be sent to any new controllers that come online

D. All licenses go back into the pool for redistribution

E. A Local Controller elects itself master license serve

Answer: A, C

Question: 14

A evaluation License is valid for a maximum of ________?

A. 30 Days

B. 60 Days

C. 90 Days

D. 6 Months

E. 12 Months

Answer: C

Question: 15

The following licenses have been installed on these controllers:

Master-1: 8 AP licenses

Local-2 : 8 AP licenses

Local-3 : 5 Evaluation AP Licenses

Local-4 : 10 Factory installed AP licenses

Central Licensing is enabled. What is the AP Pool capacity on the Central License Server?

A. 8

B. 16

C. 21

D. 26

E. 31

Answer: C

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How Much Will I Pay For Satellite Radio?

Saturday, August 18th, 2018

How Much Will I Pay for Satellite Radio?


Galen Bass

Everybody has heard about satellites. But how many people heard about satellite radios? Satellite radio is a subscription radio service. It’s somehow identical to cable television, with the difference that it provides a wider range of stations not available on a standard AM / FM radio. There are many questions to be answered about satellite radios like “How does satellite radios work?”, “What kind of equipment should I purchase?” etc. but in this article I will try to answer a question that first pops up in everybody’s mind: “HOW MUCH DOES SATELLITE RADIO COST”? This is a tricky question because the cost of a satellite radio is divided in two: installation (or activation) costs and the monthly subscription fee.

YouTube Preview Image

Activation costs Activation costs refers to the amount of money that are to be spent on a XM or Sirius Satellite Radio to start the service. Although you can find many promotions that allows you to save up money, the activation costs vary, being able to make the activation by phone or by World Wide Web. To be more precise, if you activate your satellite by phone, you will pay $15.00 if you choose Sirius Satellite or $14.99 by choosing XM and, as for WWW activation, the cost of goods is somehow lower: $5 with Sirius or $9.99 with XM. As for the monthly subscription costs we will discuss this below, but, before that, I must say that recent media campaigns are dramatically dropping the prices for installation and activation, both on Sirius or XM, in some cases even offering free activation. Typical costs for a car dedicated installation If you want to install a satellite radio into your car you are to consider buying a new satellite-ready car stereo if you don’t have one. Although many local dealers offer built-in car satellite radio, there is still the problem of having a satellite radio receiver. And these, as you may notice, cost money. It is possible though to use the existing car stereo that does not support satellite radio. How? There are two known ways of connecting the receiver to the available non-satellite radio car stereo. First, by using the radio inputs (usually the CD) and installing a control unit for tuning up the satellite radio streams. The second method consists in installing a satellite radio receiver, which broadcasts the satellite radio signal on a FM frequency. The place where you can install the receiver depends: under the seat, in your trunk, etc. taking care of connecting the receiver to the satellite radio antenna mounted on the car’s exterior. So, there will be a minimum cost of $350.00 and a maximum of $600, like below: Receiver $75 – $125 Radio $125 – $250 Antenna $60.00 Labor $80.00 Activation $10 Costs for a dedicated home installation If you choose this option, that means you will have to install a dedicated stereo receiver unit, which in some cases is similar to regular AM / FM receivers. As an additional cost, you will have to buy an antenna, which can be found at a price of $60. Here is a short review of the approximate price of installing a dedicated stereo receiver unit: Receiver $150 – $300 Antenna $60 Activation $10 Costs for a Portable Unit Portable units gives you the ease of using you brand new satellite radio wherever you want, but, in every room you will have to own a home kit (antennas, output cables and power supplies). The price for this option is around $400. Receiver $120 Home kit $140 Boombox x2 $100 Activation $10 Subscription costs As for the subscription costs, it depends if you own a Sirius or XM Satellite Radio. Subscription costs for a Sirius Satellite Radio are paid monthly where the charge is $12.95, with a low adjustment is you subscribe to a year or two. The highest number of Sirius radios that can be activated are three for $6.99 each per month. Business subscriptions are $24.99 per month. Another interesting thing is that for $499.99, Sirius is offering a life time subscription. On the other hand, if you have a XM Satellite Radio, you will have to pay a monthly charge of $9.99. Still, some channels are to be paid separately, like Playboy Radio, which costs an additional $2.99 per month. Commercial and Business Subscriptions cost $24.99 per month.

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How Much Will I Pay for Satellite Radio?