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The Top 10 Workplace Safety Myths}

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Submitted by: Luciana Muratori

The Top 10 Workplace Safety Myths

There are several articles online listing Workplace Safety Myths, so I decided to do a research and publish the best 10 myths I found.

From the most important one, down to the funniest one, the top 10 Workplace Safety Myths are:

Myth # 1: Safety is just common sense

No organisation should rely on workers to use common sense. There must be an effective risk management policy in place. There is a myth about common sense, which fails to understand that one persons instinct might differ greatly from anothers. This is particularly true if they are a young or inexperienced worker.

Good sense is acquired through knowledge and experience. Thats why safety inductions, toolbox talks, and good communication between workers and line supervisors are all vital ingredients for making workplaces safe.

Myth # 2: It will never happen here.

The truth is that workplace accidents or violence can happen in any business, at anytime, and anywhere. And, they do.

Myth # 3: Workplace Violence is Random and Unpredictable

Violence can be random and unpredictable in some cases. However, there are several cases when a pattern of behaviour begins to emerge. A lot of times people ignore warning signs until it is too late. In 80% of all incidents of workplace violence, the are warning signs that went unheeded.

Awareness heads the list and is the easiest and most successful means for surviving a workplace violence attack. Early awareness and action can save property, lives, and money.

Verbal threats of violence are a real warning sign. Verbal threats of violence should not be ignored or played down as just talk.

Myth # 4: Risk assessment is too complicated

Carrying out a risk assessment should be straightforward. Its about focusing on real risks and hazards that cause real harm and, more importantly, taking action to control them.

Myth # 5: Musculoskeletal injuries are inevitable with manual labour.

Workplaces with hazardous manual tasks have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of their workers. The risks of injury associated with hazardous manual tasks must be controlled.

Advances in technology means there are many practical options to assist employers to control the risk of injury.

Myth #6: Workplace health and safety systems are rigid and stop us getting real work done.

The mention of workplace health and safety is sometimes met with cynicism. However, its not about slowing productivity, but rather finding safer, smarter, more cost effective ways of getting work done.

Myth # 7: Myth: Every possible risk needs a safety sign

Using too many signs just guarantees no one will read any of them.

Safety signs are useful when theres a significant risk which cant be avoided or controlled in any other way. But that doesnt mean you should add a sign for every possible risk, however trivial.

Where there are serious risks in your workplace, dont just rely on signs take practical steps to deal with them. If you do need a sign, make sure it has the right symbol and is clearly visible.

Myth # 8: PPE will keep everyone safe.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps to keep workers safe, but the employees must be trained on how to use them. In several cases, PPE equipment is there as a last line of defence, you dont want them to be really required to do any work.

Workplaces should implement engineering controls, such as machine guards to protect fingers from sharp moving devices. Rotating tasks to avoid repetitive motion injuries is also a way to avoid injuries (and boredom!).

MYTH #9: Some people are just accident prone

Some people are clumsier or more absent-minded than others, it is true. But they cant take all the blame. Good management means looking out for these people. In an organisation, if somebody is having a high level of small accidents at work, something might be wrong. It is the supervisor/manager duty to identify the problem and find out the reason why this particular employee is having so many accidents. Is he getting enough sleep? Does he have any personal problems? Is he depressed? Drinking? Or is there another reason?

Myth # 10: Flip flops are banned from the workplace

Finally, the last myth and this is a funny one. I found it on many websites from the US and I thought it was a great myth to end this article.

How did this myth start?

Apparently, sometime in 2007, bosses at Oldham Council (US) banned staff from wearing flip-flops and sandals to work, citing health and safety. They feared people who wear the flimsy footwear are more likely to trip and injure themselves.There was another widely reported ban in 2013 for staff working at Plymouth City Council (also in the US). it is noteworthy to mention that the reason for the ban was to remind workers to dress appropriately for a working environment. The later report stirred up the flip-flop ban myth again with members of the public citing health and safety reasons for the ban.

Research and information for this post was obtained from the following websites:

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About the Author: Luciana Muratori is a safety expert and the owner of Shop For Safety. Shop For safety is an online store that sells good quality safety products in Australia and overseas.


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Melbourne Airport Parking}

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Melbourne Airport Parking


Kael Sablaya

Parking Your Car in an Airport?

Know the Top 5 Secrets of the Savvy Melbourne Traveler

Nothing dampens the excitement of traveling to a new adventure locally or abroad than having to circle around the airport looking for an empty parking slot that is affordable, safe and with perks for long term travelers. Say goodbye to the stress, frustration and irritation that goes with parking on airports. Know the top five secrets used by savvy Melbourne travelers and never look at airport parking the same way again.

Secret #1

Have a reservation

Having the peace of mind that a parking slot is waiting just for you takes loads off of your worries in airport parking

YouTube Preview Image

. Melbourne airports are of the busiest in Australia and with that traffic comes hundreds of car owners vying for that one sweet parking spot. With a reservation, you do not have to rely on sheer luck in getting that elusive slot.

Secret #2

Choose the best price

Airport parking

is a competitive industry, which means more price options for you. The secret is finding the right company with the right location, package and price range for you. Whether you have a car, truck or caravan, airport parking companies will provide the expert care that you and your car deserve.

Secret #3

Pick one-stop shop solutions

Airport parking is one thing but for the perfect travel experience, streamlined and seamless airport solutions are your best option. Once you have taken out your luggage and parked your car, what is next? Will a shuttle take you to the terminals? Once you have landed in your destination airport, is there a shuttle to bring you to your hotel or a car that you can drive on your own? One-stop shop solutions arrange everything for you, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

Secret #4

Make the most out the idle time

For the truly savvy driver and traveler, the time that a car parked in the airport does not have to be idle time. Car cleaning, detailing and servicing from oil change to full inspections are usually the culprit in robbing you of your time. With airport parking, these car services are available right at your fingertips, even if you are miles away. If you want to come back from travel to your parked car that is cleaner and serviced then airport parking services is the way to go!

Secret #5

Get repairs

Want an even better use of your car’s parking time, then car repair is another great option. If you keep putting off repairs of everything in your car from the upholstery, radiator, panels, windscreens to the engine, then airport parking car repair services are the answer. Get the repairs you have always wanted done without you spending a second waiting for it. When you are back from your trip, your fully repaired car is right there waiting for you.

The Runway Airport Parking Team is dedicated to looking after your car, truck or caravan, while you are away. They offer free shuttles to and from Melbourne Airport in new Mercedes Benz Valente vans, to ensure you arrive in style. Runway Airport Parking is confident in offering the best value airport parking at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

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