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Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Submitted by: Emilia Rakel

If you are looking for new dining room furniture then you should consider oak. This fabulous hardwood looks great and is strong and durable. An oak dining table can be a good investment for your home that will last you many years.

The oak dining table should be the centre piece in your dining room. For that reason, you should be aiming high when making your purchase. You will have a budget to adhere to, but you may be surprised to learn that solid oak furniture isn?t as expensive as you probably thought.

The shapes of the solid oak table you choose will really depend on the size of the room. If you have a small dining room and you only have three people in your home, why not place a square solid oak table against the wall. This is ideal for smaller homes so that you can still seat a big family for special occasions. If you have a larger room, go for a circular centre piece. You know your room better than anyone, so the decision will be easy for you

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Think carefully about how you are going to use your oak dining table. If you have an active household and want to use the table every day you may be better off with a sturdy, plainer piece that will wear well. An antique option with a high gloss finish may get scratched too easily and wear quickly with constant use.

All the solid oak tables you see will be available in a number of colours and finishes. Colours usually cover the full spectrum. You can have dark brown all the way up to lighter shades of brown; some places will offer even more colours. The same principle applies with the finish. Most good solid oak furniture shops will offer a number of finishes, from lacquers to waxes, from oils to varnishes, it all depends on what sort of protection you are after.

You will have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the perfect oak dining table for your home. As well as many new modern designs on the market you will also be able to choose from a wide range of antique and vintage designs as well.

Another reason why oak is ideal for dining tables is it will stand up very well to everyday use. Oak ages well and any scratches that occur can be polished out quite easily. Oak furniture is easy to repair and there are many specialist craftsmen that offer these services. For instance, If your table top is cracked you should be able to easily restore it using one of a host of products available from your local DIY store specifically designed for oak. Just remember to read the manufacturer?s guidelines before you start!

Remember though, placing oak dining tables too close to radiators and hot water pipes can cause the oak to dry and crack, particularly if the wood has been finished with some kind of sealing agent.

As always, search the internet for those bargains. Online shops are the best place to find those bargains due to no middlemen and buying in bulk.

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