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Teacher Respect Ceremony In Thai

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Teacher Respect Ceremony in Thai


Sharon White

Ceremony of paying respect to teacher is held on the third Thursday of every January. It is a Thai traditional ceremony in which students need to pay respect to their teachers. It is all students’ intention to make this ceremony. It is a traditional ceremony of my high school.

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In 2002, which was my last year, the ceremony was held on Thursday 17. The auditorium was set for the ceremonial place which was decorated gracefully. The door facade was decorated with many beautiful and colorful flowers. In addition, the fragrance of these flowers was very nice like the smell of perfume. Next to the door facade there was a ceremonial area. In front of the stage there was a brown podium, which was adorned with the white embroidered cloth. The stage was embellished with yellow and green cloths that were the colors of my high school. There were many white chairs, which were covered with unbleached cloth that were placed on the stage. The white chairs were divided into three lines. They were the chairs for teachers. On the left side of the stage there was a grand orchestra, which composed of all kinds of Thai musical instruments. At the back of the stage there was a big poster, which was written neatly as “Teacher’s day in the old Thai style. The ceremony started when the door opened and the president of the ceremony, teachers and honor dignitaries entered the auditorium. Students were standing in two lines which were separated on both sides of the pathway. They turned their faces toward each other. When the teachers walked in the auditorium, students began to sing “Oh-koon-kru-ka (Oh!my beloved teacher)”, which created a cordial welcome to all teachers. While students were singing, they were saluting by placing their hand palms together and raising them to the face (Wai or Thai salutation) at the same time. They bowed and rose gradually like domino. This was the special characteristic of the ceremony. When the teachers were on the stage, students sat facing toward the stage. Then the master of the ceremony, who was the president of senior students, gave a meaningful and impressive speech to teachers. The speech was concerned with being grateful to teachers and how teachers treated students as their second family, since they had taught students many valuable lessons from how to read and write the ABC’s to being aware of the world nowadays. They had been significant guides, like a candle that lighted students’ lives to the future. Moreover, the teacher was like a ferry-boat. Teacher provided knowledge to students and led their paths to success, like a ferry-boat which took passengers to reach opposite side without dangers. Reaching the opposite side did not mean that the relationship ended. In fact, the relationship between teachers and students never ended and died. The speech was very touching and profound and made many people in the ceremony cry. When the speech finished, the grand orchestra began to play old-style Thai song which made the ceremony perfect. The representatives of each class walked from outside to the auditorium. They held bouquets of beautiful flowers, which were put into a special tray. Each kind of flowers in the bouquet had its own meaning. The first one was called “Dauk-kem”. Daul-kem is a red flower, which has the shape of a needle. It is believed that it is the flower of intelligence. The second one was called ” Dauk-ma-kur”. It is a green flower, which is believed that it is the representative of effort. The last one was called “Yah-praek”. It is not a flower but it is a kind of grass, which is symbolized obedience. In addition, they put a candle in the tray in order to show the respect to the teachers. The representatives of students crawled and went down on the knees with palms pressed together. Then they gave the flowers to the teachers. The next step was awards ceremony. There were many kinds of awards and scholarships for the students who had good average grade. When the name of the first student was announced there was the clamour of applause. The student, who got the award, got a very big smile when she took a picture. It was an honored ceremony. People had been applauding continuously from the first person till the last persons awarding. Although I did not get any awards, I felt that I already got an award. I was very lucky that I had an opportunity to study at this great school. This was the award of my life. The ceremony finished by senior teacher’s blessing to all students. Moreover, she told her impressive stories about being teacher to students. When she finished the speech, all teachers began to walk out from the stage. Students turned faces toward each other again and they sang ” Pra-koon-tee-sam”, which was another meaningful song. The Students did the same thing as in the beginning. They saluted by placing their hand palms together and raising them to the face like a domino while they were singing. It was the most beautiful picture that I had ever seen. The Ceremony of paying respect to teacher is really meaningful to me. I believe that success in ones study needs to pay respect to teachers. I am a student so I spend a lot of time at school. Therefore, teachers play a major role in my life. All of the memories about my high school teachers are very impressive ones, including this ceremony. It is always in my mind and I will keep it forever.

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Teacher Respect Ceremony in Thai

Impress Your Love Ones With Personalized Photo Ornaments

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

By Bennetta Elliott

Christmas is the most awaited occasion, especially by children. It is during this season that they look forward to receiving presents. The joy in a child’s face when he receives a present during this season is just priceless. And even the adults, receiving a gift from the people they love can make their Christmas merrier. This is why, it’s very important to consider the type of gifts that we should wrap and give to either the children or the adults. These gifts should not necessarily be expensive, but should be something that they can value and treasure for the rest of their lives. And the more personalized it is, the better. One best example of this are personalized photo ornaments.

Photo ornaments are smart choice for Christmas presents, and even to other occasions. This is because it’s flexible for customization. You can choose unique photo ornaments to personalized ornaments with cute holiday designs to suit the occasion. Even these designs can be personalized with names or date. You can also suggest for additional designs depending on your preference. And if the material is good, you can coat on both sides of the photo ornaments so they can be decorated on the front and back. You can display your full color photo on one side and your special message on the back. You can also choose from a variety of font colors and styles with clip-arts to enhance the design.

The type of materials to use for these photo ornaments should be chosen carefully. Of course, you want it to be special and of high quality. Most cheaper photo ornaments are made of heavier ceramic material. This type of material is not only cheap but boring too. You can’t carry or place it anywhere either since it’s heavy. And it may not last longer so it’s not an ideal material for photo ornaments.

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The best material for photo ornaments is porcelain. It is also a whiter material, so your image will clearly show up on its bright white background. Not only that, since it’s lighter compare to other material like ceramic, it’s easier to display the ornaments on a tree without weighing down the branches or when you hang it on your bag’s zipper.

Anybody who will receive photo ornaments as presents will surely appreciate its value because of the flexibility of their uses and uniqueness of the designs. You can use them as decorations on a table or cabinet. Or hang them on a Christmas tree. Just add a colored string like gold and they should look nice on the tree. There are also Photo ornaments designed as pins. You can pin them on your bag, shirt, or anywhere you want.

Choosing for the right present for any occasion shouldn’t be difficult. There are already stores that offer variety of gift collections that they can customize for you. And to guarantee a good value, choose the stores that already gained good reputation when it comes to materials and the quality of their work. And remember, it’s not the price, but it’s the thought that truly counts when choosing for presents.

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