Understanding The 5 General Facts About Wood Flooring

By Danica Reynes

One should know the basic facts of wood flooring and they are: solid hardwood flooring is comprised only of wood; you may choose from unfinished or prefinished solid hardwood flooring; it is strongly advised not to install hardwood floors directly over an existing floor or in areas that are usually wet; you can save more with engineered wood flooring compared to solid hardwood; and engineered wood flooring offers many options in its installation process.

Homeowners favor wood flooring from other kinds of flooring for their houses. Rooms seem to look warm and cozy because of the ageless style that wood floors possess. There are many options for wood flooring. That is why; choosing Birmingham hardwood floors or any other wood flooring you would prefer for your home needs an understanding of the essential facts about it.

Solid hardwood flooring comprises of pure wood only

Hardwood floor is the most common reference to solid hardwood. The composition of hardwood floor makes it more expensive than other floor types. Just like any stick of lumber, it is sawn directly from the log and does not have any other material added to it. Hardwood floors can last forever if taken care of properly. Sanding out dents and scratches is also easy to do. Because it is environmentally safe, bamboo flooring has also gained popularity as hardwood flooring.

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Solid hardwood flooring is available as unfinished or prefinished

Two options can be chosen in buying hardwood floor: unfinished or prefinished. After installation, unfinished hardwood floor needs to be sand, sealed and maybe stained, whereas prefinished hardwood can be walked on immediately after installation. This additional work makes unfinished hardwood cheaper than prefinished ones. Many choose to buy unfinished hardwood because they can stain the floor just the way they like it.

It is prohibited to install hardwood floors directly over an existing floor or in soggy places

Hardwood flooring is installed by nailing them over a wooden sub-floor. Its method of installation is different from other wood flooring alternatives because it cannot be directly mounted over concrete or any existing floor surface. Additionally, it is recommended not to install hardwood floors in damp areas like basements or bathrooms. Hardwood floors have a meticulous installation procedure; thus, it is strongly advisable to employ professionals to do the work.

You can save more with engineered wood flooring compared to solid hardwood

The components of engineered wood flooring are finished wood and plywood. The finished wood makes up the surface that you walk on while the plywood makes up the greater part of the lower portion. Because it is not made up entirely of solid wood, this material is cheaper. However, engineered wood flooring can be suited in damp areas because of its plywood composition. The drawback however is that you cannot sand the surface because the top layer is quite thin. Additionally, since it cannot be sanded, hollows and scratches should be avoided as much as possible.

You may install engineered wood flooring in different ways

Installation for engineered wood flooring can be done in many ways. Its installation process is more convenient than that of hardwood since sub-floors are no longer necessary. In fact, you may be able to nail it directly over your existing floor as long as it is stable and level.

It will be of great help for you if you understand the basic properties and characteristics of wood flooring so that it would be more convenient when deciding which one is perfect for your home.

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