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Utilizing Brain Power To Harvest The Best In You

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

By Gregory Frost

We spend hours in gym for body fitness, we take nutritional supplements to balance our diet, but majority of us ignore to exercise our brain. Brain power is something that requires our close attention, because it is that supreme seating that controls the entire voluntary and involuntary actions of human body.

Most of us misunderstand the intelligence quotient as the measurement scale for our brainpower. It is in fact a myth. The IQ level of individual has nothing to do with the potential of his or her brain. For example an IQ test asked the individual to pick the odd one out among the four fruits given. The differentiation is based on the number of seeds each fruit possess. What if the individual is not familiar with the fruits? Does that make him intelligently backward? The answer would be a simple no. Obviously most of these tests are culturally biased.

So what you need is real life tests rather than marking options on sheet of paper. If you want to be creative, adapt creative problem solving techniques. If you want to make your brain concentrate, learn the ways to do it. Acquire the mastering in speed read and double your knowledge than tour contemporaries. End of day what matters is who invented the first electric bulb, or designed the fastest car or created the magic symphony.

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Various brainwave technologies and design courses available today gives you a detailed mechanism or ways to utilize the potential of your so-called brainpower. Participants who have indulged in various brainwave entrainment programmes have seen remarkable improvements in Parkinson muscle lock, balance, mental focus, learning disabilities, agility, memory, arithmetic ability, reasoning power and innumerable other capabilities connected with the brain powers. The packages most commonly involves various computer based specific brain exercises to further develop certain cognitive functions, like processing speed and reasoning and attention, visual capabilities like perception, scanning and working memory.

Most of the brain entrainment courses is based on the scientifically proven fact that specific brain exercises can stimulate the growth of new glial cells, facilitate the sprouting and branching of dendrites as well as improve the connection of cortical cells in brain. The whole process of brain fitness is not as complicated as it may sound to common readers. Let us consider a simple example of kicking a soccer ball. Anybody can kick a soccer ball, but those with basic muscle strengthening exercises can kick the same ball more forcefully and accurately than the rest of the crowd. This similar scenario works in the case of tapping your brains potential.

Psychologists say that it takes hardly twenty to thirty minutes of repeated practice to master any skill. This means that when you have finally decided to give your brain the perfect exercise regime, make sure your new problem solving exercises or new concentration enhancing methods are put into practice at least three times a week. You can use many of the available brain boosters to enhance your brain power, but is creating new habits that will matter more.

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