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A Good Solo Ad Can Help You Sponsor 4 New People This Week.}

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

A Good Solo Ad can help you sponsor 4 new people this week.


Theresa Jordan

Solo Ads are a good place to market because you can reach thousands of people at a time. Solo Ads are directory of safe lists and newsletter ads. You have the opportunity to purchase and Solo ad and sent it to their list. What you are doing is renting someone else list. There are certain types of Ads that you can place

Top Sponsor Ad is the first thing people will see when they open their email.

Middle Sponsor Ad is in the middle of the ad.

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classified Ad is at the bottom of the Ad

Solo Ad

You can get more traffic with a top sponsor ad but it is not better than a Solo ad. A Solo Ad is an ad that goes out to the entire subscription base of that newsletter. It can be 5-30,000 people. It is powerful because you have control of the subject line and you dont have that option with the others.

Not all lists are created equally. Its not the size of the list but the quality of the list. The quality comes in the open rate; how many of the subscribers actually open their emails. What would you rather have? A list of 10,000 that has a open rate of 50% or a list of 100,000 that has an open rate of 1%. I would go with the 10,000 list because I know that at least 5,000 people may open my ad vs. only 1,000 people.

You have to be consistent and dont give up. Dont do a Solo Ad and dont generate any leads and be ready to give up. It could be that your headline sucked and you need to improve on your headline and learn some copywriting skills to help you become better. Copywriting can be the difference between your success and your failure. You have to understand how to write effective copy.

The thing is Solo Ads work but not all the ads work. Did you know that 80-90% of your marketing strategies dont work? The challenge is for you to keep testing until you find out what works. When you find out what works, that 5-10% will make you money. Its the 80/20 rule or even better the 90/10 rule. When you find the Solo Ad that works, repeat it.

With Solo Ads, just remember to be consistent and kept testing your headline. You will pay more for a good quality list. Set a budget for yourself. If you have $600 you want to spend on Solo Ads than spread it out and do maybe $75 a week. Just remember to be consistent and test everything that you do. If its not working, remember to change the headline until you find what is working for you. The way to get results is that you have to have Good Ad Copy.

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A Good Solo Ad can help you sponsor 4 new people this week. }