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What Careers Are Best In A Bad Economy

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

By Hendrik Pohl

With all the concern over the economy, one thing that people keep talking about is the job market. Especially young men and women that are still in preparation to enter the job market a few years from now might be concerned with what the future may hold for them. If you are currently in school and want to ensure a stable profession to pay off all those accumulated school loans, the information below might be of help. Knowing what industries are in demand, and where people are looking for skilled employees are two very important factors to consider for planning a successful future.

Ten of the fastest-growing occupations

Do any of the fields interest you? If yes, your future is looking bright. Even though pay is important, make sure you find a profession that you are passionate about. After all, a career and profession is a large part of your life. You want to pick an area that is of some interest to you and that you are excited about.

Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

1. Salary: $46,000 range

2. Bachelor’s degree needed

Personal and Home Care Aide

1. Salary: Under $20,000

2. No college education required

Home Health Aide

1. Salary: Under $20,000

2. No college education required

Computer Software Engineer

1. Salary: $46, 000 range

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2. Bachelor’s degree needed

Veterinary Technologist or Technician

1. Salary: $20,000 – $30,000 range

2. Associate degree needed

Personal Finance Advisor

1. Salary: $46,000 or more

2. Bachelor’s degree needed

Makeup Artists for Theater

1. Salary: $30,000 – $45,000 range

2. Postsecondary vocational needed

Medical Assistant

1. Salary: $20,000 – $30,000 range

2. No secondary education needed


1. Salary: $46,000 range

2. Professional degree needed

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

1. Salary: $30,000 – $45,000 range

2. Bachelor’s degree needed

Best U. S. cites to find jobs currently

Do any of the cities interest you? In general it is advisable to pick a geographic location that you can see yourself living in for the long run. If you love to ski for example, and are interested in technology, then you are in luck. Salt Lake City would just be perfect for you.

1. Salt Lake City, Utah (for technology related jobs)

2. Atlanta, Georgia (for transportation, distribution and financial service jobs)

3. Indianapolis, Indiana (agricultural related jobs)

4. Omaha, Nebraska (financial services and agricultural related jobs)

5. Seattle, Washington (aerospace and global trade related jobs)

Cities with lowest unemployment rate:

Low unemployment rate is usually a good indicator of a regions economic prosperity. A low unemployment rate is a good sign that the demand for skilled workers is larger than the supply. Any of the cities below would offer good opportunities for job seekers.

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (2.4% unemployment rate)

2. Rapid City, South Dakota (2.5% unemployment rate)

3. Idaho Falls, Idaho (2.5% unemployment rate)

4. Bismarck, North Dakota (2.6% unemployment rate)

5. Houma, Louisiana (2.7% unemployment rate)

6. Morgantown, West Virginia (2.8% unemployment rate)

7. Logan, Utah (2.8% unemployment rate)

8. Fargo, North Dakota (2.9% unemployment rate)

9. Casper, Wyoming (2.9% unemployment rate)

10. Billings, Montana (3% unemployment rate)

Knowing what you want to do and what geographic locations are most prosperous for you is half the battle. The second part is to be proactive in your job search. Don’t expect people to come looking for you. Instead go out and prospect for your dream job just like you would going shopping for some new clothes. Gather information about different companies in your field of interest, find out who is in charge of hiring, and send out your resume. The more resumes you send out the higher the probability that you will get a call back for an initial interview. It is simply a numbers game! Last but not least: Keep a positive attitude and never take a rejection personal.

About the Author: H Pohl regularly writes and distributes articles to online publications and magazines. He is also the founder of and online specialty retailer offering

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, and cufflinks. Many of his articles focus on how to succeed in starting your own business.


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