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Finding The Right Chevy Truck Dealer

Sunday, February 10th, 2019


You’re shopping for a Chevy truck, and shopping for any vehicle is its own mixture of exciting and stressful. How do you know you’re getting a good price? How do you know you’re choosing the right model? Many of your worries can be answered by finding the right dealer. The right dealer can guide you to the best truck for you at a good deal. However, finding a good dealer is hard on its own. Here are some tips for finding the right Chevy truck dealer in Chicago or your city.

Bring a Friend

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Bring a friend, spouse, or someone with you while you meet new dealers and test drive. Since trucks are a major purchase, it’s easy to get caught up in the conversation and not pay attention to the warning signs of a bad dealer. A second party with you can pay attention to how the dealer treats you while you ask the important questions.

It’s also helpful to notice how the dealer treats your friend. A money-hungry dealer tends to ignore people who don’t offer the chance of a sale. So, if the dealer completely ignores the person with you when they realize you’re the one with the money, that’s a major warning sign.


Usually you don’t make a purchase the first time you go to a dealership. Your first round is getting to know your options and the dealers without spending anything or making any serious decisions. Pay attention to how the dealer treats you then, when you aren’t a serious potential paycheck. If they brush you off and don’t want to help you, that’s a bad sign.

Are They Upselling?

Salespeople need to talk you into a sale, but pay attention to what they’re trying to sell. Are they pushing you into a bunch of features you don’t need so they can make an extra buck? Are they putting effort into finding what fits your needs in your price range? The latter shows that they realize caring about the customer brings the sale over pushing more.

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