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Adventure Activities Made Safer Due To Modern Technology

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

By Marketing Buzz

The health and safety of children and adults is seemingly never more important than when they partake in adventure activities. And by the very nature of some of these activities, potential danger is never too far away from the minds of participants. This article looks at how modern technology is being used to make sure adventure activities are as safe as possible.

Adventure activities are now more popular than ever as people look to get away from the stresses and strains that modern life brings by getting away from it all. And with a wealth of adventure activities and outward bound activities available it has never been easier to pack your equipment and get away from it all for the weekend or week.

And so with this flux of people leaving towns and cities and heading to various parts of the country to partake in one of the numerous activities, health and safety and making sure they are safe at all times is paramount.

For adrenaline junkies there are many types of adventure activities which they can participate in and for each one having the latest radio communication technology can be of real benefit to them.

YouTube Preview Image

Climbing activities are extremely popular with both rock climbing and abseiling featuring high in lists of activities. Such activities call for safety to be the top of peoples list as failing to adhere to safety issues can often lead to injuries and in sum case fatalities. And due to potential injuries, many climbers are now turning to two way radios as a way to stay in touch whilst climbing. Due to modern 2 way radios like the Motorola xtn446 being extremely robust they are ideal for climbers to use.

Water sports such as sailing, kayaking and wind surfing are also extremely popular and once again two way radio is often used by people partaking in water based activities due to many 2 way radio hand sets being waterproof. Combine this with the benefit of not incurring call charges like cell phones, two way radio is a great way for water sport enthusiasts to stay in touch both on and off the water.

Yet another popular adventure activity is trekking and those people who love nothing more than taking in great sites of beauty on foot, handheld 2 way radios provide them with a portable communication solution that does not suffer from network coverage issues and short battery lives that many cell phones do. Fell walkers, mountaineers and people who love orienteering are all using 2 way radios to make their experience of the great outdoors as enjoyable and trouble free as possible.

So for those people who love the thrill and excitement of partaking in adventure activities the knowledge that modern technology is available which allows them to communicate even on the most unlikely of terrains is very reassuring.

Therefore is you want all the benefits of an adventure activity without sacrificing any aspect of health and safety then two way radios could be just what you need.

Stay in touch, stay safe and enjoy your adventure activities, whatever they may be.

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Marketing For Local Seo}

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Submitted by: Michael SeoVida Francis

Local SEO is one of the easiest ways to get into the top pages of search engines. With the proper education and knowledge, you can be assured that you will gain traffic from search engines. For example, Google Maps has become so popular as a search tool for people who wanted to find a local company or business in their area.

Nowadays, it is very obvious that Google is now placing results in its pages with local listings. Thus, there are a lot of people now searching the Internet for local business or company. Now, local business has a lot of chance to compete with other websites. Since local search results are now coming up and becoming more relevant in Google’s pages, it is now time to take full advantage of it.

The target for local SEO is audience based geographically. If you are applying the same process as SEO in general for a local business site, then you are doing it the wrong way. For local SEO, the focus is only on the location. Aside from this focus, all aspects of SEO work remain the same:

1. Focus on marketing your videos. Once you have successfully done so, you can see that when your videos appear on top of search engines pages, you get 3.3 times attention rate as compared to just plain listing.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Do not ever forget to make your website complete with essential information such as your business address, phone number and email address. You can distribute this information on your website pages in order to make visible your business to your visitors.

3. Your business name as well as location should have some important keywords on it. Make sure that you include location in your business name as well as in the description.

4. You also have to focus on the structure of your website and don some important on-page optimization. Make sure that your titles, headers, meta tags, contents, etc are properly laid out and optimized.

5. You can also try webmaster tools for your site. You can submit your site to Google’s webmaster tools. It will ensure that your site is targeted locally and the result will be seen a few days. Another Google tool you can also use is the Google map, it is free and effective when it comes to search engines pages.

It is crucial however that you should be able to understand how local SEO works with search engines.

The Internet age now has paved way to many businesses to promote their products and services online effectively. With this, people also turned to online searching when looking at a particular product or service available.

It is highly suggested that local businesses use SEO for their products and services. Using local SEO for marketing is very much cost-effective: it only takes less time to gather targeted visitors to your product and service site. This is the magic and relevance of web marketing to local business companies.

For a start, you should be able to emphasize your location in your website as well as your web contents. Make sure that you make use of meta tags properly, making sure you include your address in your website, including your Yahoo or Google map on your website and so on. Good luck!

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3 Reasons Why Most Website Owners Fail At Conversion Rate Optimisation}

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Submitted by: Neil Rimmer

Have you ever tried split testing headlines? How about rewriting and/or redesigning a landing page or product description? Ever tried testing different price points to find the most profitable?

Well if you answered Yes to any of the questions above, then you have already performed some degree of conversion rate optimisation on your site. But, sadly, you probably generated mixed results at best. At worst, it was a colossal waste of time and resources and you quickly moved on to other things like social media or content marketing to try and grow online sales.

However, let me crystal on one point: When it comes to ROI, conversion rate optimisation blows SEO, PPC, social media, or even content marketing away for three simple reasons:

1. Conversion Rate Optimisation Elevates Conversions and Sales Long After Investment Has Ended

Seriously, even with SEO or even social media, once the investment stops, the traffic soon drops and with it, your sales. Now it may not happen immediately like with PPC, but rest assured, within just a few weeks, your sales will drop when you stop investing in SEO, SMM, or content marketing.

But conversion rate experts, however, make permanent changes to core website components that tend to elevate conversions for up to a year or longer after the optimisation is complete. This means not only is the CRO investment itself more profitable, but it then makes all future investments in SEO, PPC, etc. more profitable as well!

2. Conversion Rate Optimisation Doesnt Increase Marketing Costs

If you want more sales with SEO, PPC, social media, or content marketing, then you need increase your online advertising budget. Period. This means a percentage of every new sale generated will be devoted to marketing which kills profits.

But with conversion rate optimisation, your online sales increase without spending more money for traffic or marketing. In fact, marketing costs actually tend to decrease after a conversion rate optimisation project because non-converting keywords are eliminated from paid traffic sources.

3. No Recurring Fees or Maintenance Costs

Once the conversion rate optimisation is complete, you pay the fees and thats it. Unless you make a major change to your business model, add new products or services, or undergo a severe shift in your niche, the site is optimised. Once the initial investment costs are recouped, the increased conversion rate will continue to generate growing ROI and profits for potentially years after the optimisation has been completed.

So in theory, conversion rate optimisation can generate several times the ROI that would be generated from a similar investment in SEO, PPC, SMM, or content marketing. However, most DIY conversion rate optimisation ends in failure and ultimately costing a website owner far more than they get back in return. But while this is true, failure can certainly be avoided. With a little guidance and the right information, most website owners can significantly boost online sales using simple but effective conversion rate optimisation strategies.

So to help you avoid wasting time or money, here are the three biggest reasons why most DIY conversion rate optimisation projects fail and what you can do to avoid the same fate.

Failure to Identify Specific Conversion Rate Problems

The first assumption most website owners make about a low conversion rate is that is must be caused by bad sales page or product description. In some cases, this is probably the correct assumption. However, there are a wide range of issues that can cause a low conversion rate in addition to the sales page or product description, such as:

YouTube Preview Image

Weak or Untargeted Traffic

Low Percentage of Visitors to Primary Sales Page or Product Description

High Abandonment Rate from Shopping Cart

Web Design

Web Navigation

Slow Load Times and Other Web Programming Issues

Weak Demand for the Product or Service Itself

But even assuming that the sales page or product description was the primary conversion problem, what then? Do you simply rewrite and/or redesign the entire page from scratch? Wow, thats going to get expensive real fast if you dont get it right the next time. But, if the first sales page didnt work and you have no idea why: How do you know the second try will be any better?

The truth is, you dont. A sales page, when designed properly, actually has more than a dozen separate components that all work together to help convert prospects into buyers, such as:


Identify Problem

Provide Solution

Overcome Objections

Credibility Tools (testimonials, endorsements, media mentions, quality logos, etc.)

Value Proposition

Secondary CTAs

Post Script or Additional CTAs/Exit Points

Contextualized Images/Infographics


Even using split testing, you really never isolate the problem. Instead, you may create new sales tools to split test against the original and it may result in higher sales, but how do you know the original problem isnt still there? Sure, you may well have boosted sales but that doesnt mean the page is converting anywhere near its true potential.

To solve this problem and quickly find the conversion problems, conversion rate experts use heat mapping software tools like Clicktale or Crazyegg. Heat maps are created from recordings of actual visitors as they peruse a site. The heat map will appear red over sales tools with high visitor scan time and engagement but will appear blue over sales tools that people skip over or arent interested in. So essentially, the tools in blue need work and you can leave the tools in red alone. This helps you avoid creating unnecessary content and lets you focus on the true problems. Simply split test new versions of the weak sales tools until conversions come up or the heat mapping turns red. Then, move on to the next problem until they are all solved and the heat map is primarily red and/or yellow with minimal areas of blue.

Trying to Wear Too Many Hats

Lets just take a look at a list of website experts that can be required to complete a conversion rate optimisation project:


Web Designers

Web Programmers

Social Media/PPC/SEO Experts

Shopping Cart/Inventory Management System Specialists

Web Traffic Analysts

Word Press/CMS Experts

Look, I totally get it. As a website owner, you gotta wear 10 hats before lunch and be prepared to learn a new app, skill, or routine by dinner. And if you hired experts for every little thing, you would have went broke eons ago and never even made it this far. Got it, I promise.

But sometimes, you can do more damage than good. Sometimes, when the math is right, hiring an expert makes you more money than doing it yourself. Not often, Ill grant you that. But in some cases, the experts are the way to go.

Therefore, I recommend considering hiring a conversion rate optimisation consultant (not a company to do the work for you but rather an advisor that charges you by the hour) for the following critical junctures in most optimisation projects:

1) To Verify That You Have Identified the Right Conversion Problems

2) To Verify or Help You Create a Solution to Solve the Conversion Problem

3) To Troubleshoot with You When Results Deviate From Expectations

Look, I firmly believe that most website owners are capable of performing their own optimisation work. For more complex sites, I also believe hiring conversion rate optimisation experts actually generate more money for you than doing it yourself. But for everything in between, consider hiring a consultant. For a fraction of what it would cost you to have a conversion rate optimisation company do the work for you, a consultant can help you benefit from their experience while you still perform the actual work but avoid most of the mistakes of DIY optimisation projects.

Not Enough Website Traffic to Justify Optimisation

Brutal honesty? To hire web optimisation experts and generate enough ROI to justify the expense, you need around 1,000 unique visitors per week or more. Fortunately, the bar is much lower for self-optimisation projects but in most cases, you still want at least 100 visitors per day or more. Otherwise, even significant increases in conversion rate might not generate a corresponding lift to overall sales volume.

In those cases, the best investment of time and resources is probably in traffic generating services like SEO or social media. Once traffic levels are above 100 unique visitors per day, then it may be time to reconsider optimising the site to boost conversions and overall profits.

But make no mistake: When executed correctly, a conversion rate optimisation project can be a game-changer by creating a long-term increase in overall sales without increasing marketing costs. But, in the wrong circumstances and when executed poorly, an optimisation project can drain profits and precious resources. When in doubt, a conversion rate optimisation consultant can be a relatively inexpensive option that can keep your DIY project on track and avoid the mistakes that derail most website owners.

About the Author: Neil Rimmer is a conversion rate optimisation expert who specialises in generating more sales and qualified leads for clients without increasing marketing costs. To learn more about how

conversion rate optimisation

can both boost online sales while making other investments in SEO and social media more profitable, visit: today!


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How Can Helium Blimps Help Advertise Your Product

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Submitted by: Peter Pori

It is not easy to set up an advertising campaign which is catchy as well as effective and profitable all at the same time. In the present day however, if someone wants to create a fabulous advertisement, he must not look too far off. Advertisements play an important role in the success of any service or product. Nowadays, there are a lot of uniquely different techniques available that can really enhance a product s likability just by an efficient use of advertisement and marketing.

One exactly such unique, remarkable and catchy way to market a service or product is the usage of helium blimps. Helium blimps are most often created from PVC fabric along with a UV inhibitor that helps keep the helium blimp even in the scorching heat of the sun since most of the advertisements are subject to fading or other such deterioration while in the sunlight, you do not have to worry about those.

YouTube Preview Image

Helium blimps are those huge balloons that you see with a small portion in their belly so as to let even people travel in the majesty of a huge balloon whereas the helium in the balloon, which has in time replaced the previously used hydrogen is in retrospect an inert gas, thereby prone to any errant flame. So even if you previously had any prejudice against helium blimp you have no need to continue with it since helium blimps are entirely safe and sound and safe from most accidents.

Essentially speaking purely in the sense of advertisement, there are two kinds of helium blimps: Those that really and truly are helium blimps with all the characteristics of the traditional blimp, even being able to carry people to great heights and consequently catching the eyes of the people at the ground during the process. The other kind is the make-shift helium blimps. you will see these the most when you go looking for marketing strategies. Since a life size helium blimp is too much trouble to come across and even then to manage, people usually use mode helium blimps, barely a fraction of the original s size and floating in the air at just the height so that their advertised content is most readily readable.

Since helium blimps are creatures of the air, they need to be created so as to bear the full burden of the atmosphere even in the extremities of where it will be used. It is therefore very much recommended that you take special care in deciding the material for your helium blimp as well as some other special way to ensure that whatever helium you fill in it stays in it to ensure a long-lasting advertisement.

Helium blimps help brings in a lot of customers to a product. They are a sight for sore eyes even in a colorful fair due to their uniqueness and flexibility for location where people are just too fed up with all the clutter to really appreciate an advertisement that is not only far away. But also very much visible and quite like the novelty they really expected in the fair, all the other advertisements are so close up, people usually despise them for the huge amount of space they cover, space that could otherwise be used for better negotiation within that selfsame fair.

About the Author: Peterpori tells you more about helium balloon gas which has revolutionized the advertising world. For more information, please visit:


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Photo Storage Devices As New Photo Ambum

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

By James Brown

In the past, people used photo albums to store photographs in and this served people well for many years. These were portable devices that could be displayed on coffee tables and shared with many people that visited. The opportunities for sharing photos have dramatically changed over the years and they will probably expand even further if electronic wizards have anything to say about it.

Some of the devices that people choose to store photographs in are memory cards, personal computers and on the internet at many of the new photograph storage facilities. People lean toward the latter because the storage services that are offered are free of charge and are just as convenient to use as the other devices that store photo images just as well.

Some people prefer to use the memory cards for storage of the photos because these cards were made to fit into the cameras that the person owns. These electronic photograph storage devices are very portable too because they are small enough to fit in the palm or in the pocket of any outfit that the photo enthusiast has on that day. The photographs on the memory cards can be transferred to many places or left on the memory card until there is no memory left for further storage.

YouTube Preview Image

Many digital cameras are equipped with ports that allow photos to be transferred onto many devices or they can be printed out on a home printer. These photo printers will usually come with software that allows the photo hobbyist to transfer images from the digital camera into a printer memory bank and in most cases the printer will store the images in photo storage facilities that are pre-loaded onto the home computer system.

The digital camera can also be used as a photo or video storage facility but the memory in the camera will be used up very quickly if some of those images are not transferred to some other form of digital media. The photos are usually stored with a file extension that ends with .jpg and this file extension makes these photos candidates for storage on computers or attaching them in emails.

Some people will use the email systems to store photos because the storage limits on many websites is very limited and some require a small fee per month to store photos on the sites. This charge is for the amount of space that is used on the servers that they use for other things online like games and music stations. Some people do not mind paying these fees because they know that the photos they cherish will be safe.

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