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Shimano Tyrnos: Your Partner In Catching The Big Fish

Friday, December 29th, 2017

By Robert Feuring

Every fisherman has one goal and one goal only: to catch fish. There may be different ways to go about it and different techniques to use, but the goal remains the same. Catch the fish. Shimano understands this goal. That is why it offers a wide range of products to satisfy the different quirks and inclinations of every fishing enthusiast. The release of the latest conventional Shimano reel, the Tyrnos is yet another proof that Shimano thrives on variety but persists because of quality.

The Shimano Tyrnos is every fisherman’s dream come true. It has a simple beauty with clean and smooth lines, a host of incredible features, and a tough unrelenting resiliency. Here is a list of the Shimano Tyrnos’ amazing features:

o Exclusive ball bearing titanium drag

o Alternating twin pawl anti-reverse

o Four Anti-rust bearings (A-RB) made of stainless steel

o Topless design (8, 10, 12, 16 only)

o Reduced profile top crossbar (20, 30 only)

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o 5:0:1 high speed gear ratio

o Oversized gears

o One-piece die-cast Aluminum frame

o Oversized handle shank

o Lightweight graphite sideplates with aluminum braces

o Exclusive Shimano water shielded drag

o Stainless steel reel foot

o Ergonomic power handle

o Loud Click strike alarm

o Harness lugs (20 & 30 only)

o Pre-programmable lever drag with almost unlimited range

o Ratcheting drag lever

o Metal series

Each reel in the Shimano Tyrnos series was made with you in mind. Whatever kind of fishing you are interested in, whatever technique you have, the Shimano Tyrnos has the power and unwavering control to bring in the fish. This Shimano reel has a die-cast, non-corrosive one-piece Aluminum frame for exact alignment. This frame was built to reduce weight without losing out on strength and durability. The Reduced Profile Top Crossbar gives you outstanding control when casting and dropping lures or back baits while trolling. The Shimano Tyrnos’ oversized gears give you increased cranking power in as the oversized, extra-long handle shank affords increased torque. The Alternating Twin Pawl Anti-Reverse Design was engineered to give you hooksetting power with the smallest possible backplay. The loud clicker has an adequate amount of tension to hold big baits.

There are currently 6 Shimano Tyrnos models available in the market: TYR8, TYR10, TYR12, TYR16, TYR 20, and TYR30. If you are looking for the topless design, then the Shimano Tyrnos models 8, 10, 12, and 16 are for you. But if you prefer the Reduced Profile Top Crossbar, then you’d better get the TYR 20 and TYR30.

Each of the Shimano Tyrnos was created and assembled with the utmost care to give you an appropriate and fit partner in your quest for fish. Each part was created with the quality and pride Shimano is known for. Don’t let the lightweight frame fool you. The Shimano Tyrnos works well even under intense pressure so that you too can perform at your best. So bring this Shimano reel with you wherever you go and whatever you decide to do: trolling, casting, or live bait fishing.

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