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How To Buy An Rv

Friday, July 13th, 2018

How To Buy An RV


Jack Kean

Step 1: Determine if an RV is right for you.

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An RV is an expensive investment that will not appreciate in value. In other words, no matter how you slice it an RV is going to cost you money. Make certain that this is where you want to spend your hard earned income. Many suggest, and I certainly do not disagree, that one way to learn about RVs is to rent one at least for a weekend. This experience will likely hook you on RVing or send you packing, but that is the purpose. A week would be even better. It will also help you determine what size is right for you. The experience of hooking, unhooking and dumping will bring home the realities of RV life. Step 2: Make certain what you can afford. The first decision is whether to purchase an RV, but after that comes what you want and what you can afford. The absolute best advice that I can give is to know what you can afford first. Think about how much you can put down and what monthly payments you can comfortably make including insurance and parking fees, leaving room for traveling money. Also put something aside to stock your RV the way you want it. This might include silverware, dishes, towels, extra toiletries, and assorted items to keep your RV clean as well as a variety of tools. Step 3: What type RV is best for your needs, Trailer or Motorhome? One of your earliest decisions is whether to buy a trailer or a motorized unit. This was quite easy for us because I can’t pull much with my subcompact and we enjoy being able to just pull over and have the amenities readily available. Of course if you already own a vehicle with the power to pull a trailer (and you can put some of them behind a minivan or SUV) you might want to consider the benefits of a trailer. One of the benefits is that they cost a great deal less than a motorized unit. Step 4: Do Internet research. Spend some time on the Internet prior to visiting RV showrooms. This will make it easier for you to use some RV lingo, and provide an idea of pricing. There are thousands of sites that will provide you with the type of information you need. Jump in with a few search terms about RVs and start the adventure. Step 5: Determine what size is best for you. Whether a motorized unit (motor home) or a trailer is right for you the next decision relates to the size you need and/or want. The best way to begin making this decision is to hit the RV Dealers on weekends or whenever you can. If you live in a large metropolitan area you should have a great deal to see. Finding a large RV Show is also a plus. It is worth your time and effort even if you have to travel to one, but make certain there will be plenty for you to see and evaluate. Comparing a Class A (usually the largest) and a Class B (usually the smallest) and a Class C (you will note the overhang over the cab) is a lot like the old saying about apples and oranges. One thing you will quickly learn is that, like life, there are tradeoffs. If you want all the comforts of home be prepared to get 8 miles per gallon or less. If you are willing to make do in a smaller unit (they have most of the same amenities only in much less space) then you can improve your gas mileage to as high as 18 to 20 mpg. Before you decide, spend some time in one. By that I mean sit and walk around and think about how you would cook, use the shower, or watch TV. Where would you store dishes and clothes or whatever you would be taking along. Step 6: Use the Internet to improve your overall knowledge about RVing. While doing a bit of research for this column I located many sites that are helpful whether you are a beginner or old timer. I have a link to information on some excellent web sites in the author section. Step 7: Determine how much you should pay for your dream RV. A question often asked and seldom answered to my satisfaction is how much should you pay for an RV or to put it another way what type of discount can you expect to get off the MSRP? When buying a car it is relatively easy to determine the dealer cost, but such is not the case for RVs. After weeding your choices down to one or two you can again hit the internet. You will find some dealers advertising a discounted price on line. Check dealers all over the country, because you are only interested in getting an idea about price. If you are able to find forums on the internet that relate to the particular unit you want to purchase it is a good place to ask. I spent several months on the Yahoo Rialta group sites (3) before purchasing my first RV and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. In any event expect a substantial discount from MSRP. I’ve seen units with an MSRP of $99,000 quoted at under $70,000. You might find it worthwhile to pay a little more and purchase from a local dealer, if that dealer seems able to provide good service. I have not discussed buying a used RV though this can save you a lot of money. Many web sites provide good pricing information about used units. I am willing to pay more in order to have the security of a full warranty for at least the first year and in some cases two years. However, if you are able to take a little risk there are bargains galore. There are also a number of companies that will sell you an extended warranty, though that is a subject unto itself. Step 8: Compare financing costs. Then of course there is for most of us the question of financing. Once again the Internet is a good place to start. I checked the rates at Bank of America where we had financed our first RV. I also talked with my local bank. Armed with that information I let the dealer see what they could do and wound up with a 5.99 per cent interest rate for 180 months. This rate is very competitive. Step 9: Compare insurance products and costs. Insurance is another matter to be considered. As an example, we will be paying a little over $800 per year for insurance on our new Class C. When you drive your brand new RV off the dealer’s lot it will substantially depreciate. An accident could leave you financially upside down. Having replacement insurance provides more protection. When comparing rates be certain to check with companies that do a great deal of RV insurance. The company that provides your homeowners and auto insurance may do very little insuring of RVs and therefore not have a product that really protects you. GMAC and Progressive both do a lot of RV insurance and while I’ve had both of them, I currently use GMAC. Step 10: Check it out. Over a period of several months we attended an RV Show, visited several dealers and spent quality time in various units. After settling on a Class C we drove one identical to the one we wanted. (The unit we wound up purchasing was not at the dealer at that time.) Prior to accepting our unit we conducted a thorough walk through and also drove it. Buying a new unit gives us some comfort since the unit is under warranty. However, before leaving we ran every system and moved everything that could be moved. We used the RV with and without shore power and in general put it through its paces. To give you an idea of how things can go wrong; we spent some hours learning about and operating systems. The radio was clearly marked Sirius Ready. It was the one thing I didn’t check on prior to leaving the dealership. According to Jayco, Sirius Ready, doesn’t mean the radio is ready. It means the radio is ready for you to purchase several items to make it ready. I will complain, but it is my slip up that let this happen. So again, I say, check everything. An RV has allowed us to go places we would not have gone without one. We have been in 48 States and several Canadian Provinces. The experiences we’ve had make RVing our favorite mode of travel.

Jack Kean is an author and columnist who often writes about his RV experiences. You can find some good RV links and much more RV related information at his web site, It’s A Kean World, You will also find campground reviews and links to a variety of RV related information.

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How To Buy An RV

Track The Reasons Behind Urinary Tract Infection}

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Submitted by: My Ellura

Have you ever been bluffed by an untimely need to urinate or felt pain during urination. If yes then, I must tell you that these could be the symptoms of a serious urinary infection that is prevalent these days. It is a bacterial infection that disturbs any part of the urinary tract. It starts when one feels like urinating but fails to urinate actually and feels pain too. Cloudy urine is also one of the major symptoms that one can witness.

Our urine contains several fluids, waste products and salts. When a bacterium enters the kidney or bladder then a person begins to generate the signs of suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Bladder infection is quite common in men and women, but women are seen to be more vulnerable towards this issue.

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You may find many articles, websites, advertisements that claim and talk about providing Urinary Tract Infection Remedies, but all this fail to solve the purpose of a patient. One of the most significant reasons behind it is the lack of sufficient information related to this disease. Those who try searching for it also end up beclouded with random stuff. First of all you should know the real cause and symptoms of urinary infection.

One of the most widely used Urinary Tract Infection remedies is to get treated with a short course of antibiotics. It may cause a little discomfort to the patient but are still used and recommended by the doctors.

Although, the symptoms of UTI differ in different age groups yet the most common of them is the feeling of burning during and after urination. A patient suffering from UTI goes frequently to toilet. There is no significant pain that can tell you if you have this infection, but the urge to urinate could act as a clue to you. The symptoms also vary according to the affected part of urinary system. Kids who suffer from it can complain you of loss of appetite and diarrhea. Usually children find it hard to deal with this problem. They suffer from fever and nausea, while some of them can be seen excessively crying. On the other hand, grown up people can feel pain in their abdomen.

One can control the situation before it turns worse if he knows the actual reasons that lay the grounds of this physical disorder. Cranberry is deemed to be the most effective fruit to treat UTI. If you take its juice or capsules then it can work wonders to relieve you from bladder infection. Women who give breast feed to infants are likely to have less chances of generating these symptoms. Therefore, those who suffer from it can use breastfeeding as a remedy.

There are various other reasons that are still not confirmed to be affecting this infection. All you can do is to assess yourself, if you have some similarity with the above mentioned symptoms and see a doctor as soon as possible, instead of wasting your time to look for household remedies.

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Prison Toilets

Friday, March 30th, 2018

By Patricia Holland

Prison toilets are made from stainless steel. They are designed to withstand between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds of force, so they are very difficult for disturbed inmates to vandalize. Bradley security fixtures feature a number of anti ligature attributes as well, including all welded designs, rounded edges, and the absence of protrusions that could be broken off to make weapons.

Security toilets can be mounted one of two ways. Chase mounting requires the unit to be bracketed to the wall. It is considered the most secure method of installing prison plumbing fixtures when maximum security requirements are in effect. Front mounting involves bolting the fixture to the wall or the floor and is more appropriate for minimum and medium security requirements.

All toilets must be designed to be overflow resistant. Different flushing mechanisms are also recommended for different security levels. In maximum security situations, toilets must be able to flush large pieces of debris that disturbed inmates may use to block toilet plumbing. When security requirements are less stringent, this extreme design feature may not be necessary.

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Blowout prison toilets feature jet action for positive flush. They are preferred in maximum security prisons, and also in a number of county jails, where the threat of vandalism is high. Inmates have, on many occasions, blocked toilets for the purpose of flooding cell blocks.

Blowout flush functionality prevents this type of mischief by building a toilet with a large trapway diameter that allows large pieces of debris to be instantly passed out of the toilet bowl into the sewer. They are noisy, but also more sanitary, due to their near instant flush capability that leaves little, if any, residue behind.

Blowout toilets are typically chase mounted, which means they are bracketed to the wall. This is not only a more secure way to mount security fixtures, but is also allows for a more thorough cleaning of cell floors because the majority of the toilet is above the floor.

In detention centers where the possibility of vandalism is not as severe, siphon jet prison toilets can be used. Siphon jets use a jet of water at the front of the toilet to help expel refuse more quickly than gravity fed toilets.

The ones used in prisons have toilet traps large enough to pass smaller objects that would otherwise clog the plumbing system. These commodes have performed effectively in staff supervised public areas and minimum security prisons where low risk inmates have been determined to have little or no motivation to vandalism prison plumbing fixtures.

There are also prison toilets that are primarily for use in detoxification cells, safety cells with padded walls, and isolation units. These units are called in-floor toilets because they install directly into the floor.

It is also recommended that, when budget allows, architects consider installing water closet design prison toilets that feature lavatory toilet combinations. These units provide full accommodation to inmates, are highly secure and stable, and save on space by combining all amenities into a single fixture.

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Information Vacationers Want To Know Concerning Richmond Motels To Make Your Stay Certainly Extraordinary

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Information vacationers want to Know concerning Richmond Motels to make your stay certainly extraordinary


Mahrissa Alford

Environmentally Friendly Hotels in Richmond

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More and more hotels in Richmond, Virginia have become environmentally friendly over the years. Most green hotels practice optional linen service wherein guests are encouraged not to have their linen changed every day by reusing their towels and sheets and the housekeeping staff is trained to have linen changed only upon request. Another practice is recycling and proper waste management. The housekeeping staff is instructed to save unopened items that can be reused. Reusable dishware and glassware are used as much as possible and plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and other materials are recycled. Eco-friendly hotels use energy efficient appliances and lighting systems, installing individual thermostats in every guest room, lowering the water pressure and performing regular maintenance to prevent leaking faucets and shower heads. At the same time, guests are encouraged to turn off lights and other electronics when not needed. Hotels also get services and products from other eco-friendly businesses as well. Extended Stay Richmond Hotels Hotels in Richmond specializing in extended stays give their guests facilities and services that slightly differ from those that can be found in standard hotels. ‘Homes away from home’ are what extended stay hotels are known for and preferable to those who are in need of a temporary place to stay because of relocation or those doing house renovations, for people who are visiting relatives in other states, or those who are on official business that require them to stay at a different location temporarily. The guest rooms are with basic furniture, linen, kitchen, ample workspace, and a self-service laundry facility. The kitchen comes with a sink, a refrigerator, dinnerware and cookware, a stovetop, and a microwave oven. Other hotels may include a dishwasher, a conventional oven, an iron and ironing board with their rooms. Compared to standard hotels, lower fees are charged by extended stay hotels especially for those for those who stay for more than five days or so. Richmond Hotels for the Business Traveler Business travelers require fully equipped business centers to be able to conduct their transactions as smoothly as possible. Unlike regular guests on leisure time, business travelers are there for an official and specific purpose and have other needs and services. To help with the guests’ transactions as much as possible, hotels in Richmond have computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and even secretarial services available. Another important service made available is high-speed internet access for checking of emails, sending important documents, and holding web conferences with other people in other locations. Business centers in some hotels operate 24 hours a day, making it very convenient and easy to attend to emergencies or sudden changes that their guest need to address immediately and not lose any valuable time. Establishments like the Berkeley Hotel, the Best Western Governors Inn, and the Holiday Inn Express Richmond are known to be very business traveler friendly because of their excellent service and fully equipped business centers. Richmond Hotels go Smoke Free Numerous hotels in Richmond, Virginia have a non-smoking policy among their premises, prompted by most guests that prefer smoke free surroundings. Most hotels have implemented the no smoking policy within the building and have designated areas outside for their guests who do smoke. Some hotels offer their guests choices of smoking or non-smoking rooms when they make reservations and common areas like restaurants, hotel lobbies, and bars also have designated areas for those who smoke and those who do not. Hotels post this particular policy in their website. Visitors are informed during their booking that the establishment is smoke free, they are once again reminded upon their arrival, and some hotels implement a fee for guests who do not follow this rule. For smoke free rooms, housekeeping staff checks to see if there are any signs of smoking and if there are, the guests will be charged the restoration costs for returning their room back to its smoke free condition.

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Interior Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

By Clair O’Hara

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, pamper and rejuvenate and it s also one of the principal rooms that will sell your house. Keeping it modern, stylish and functional is a must. Nowadays, a lot of modern houses have small bathrooms but this doesn t mean you can t make a small bathroom look stylish and also give the illusion it has lots of space.

The first step is to make the most of all the natural light available to you, if you are lucky to have a window in your bathroom then make sure you are allowing as much natural light in as possible. If not, make sure you have a good extractor fan to keep your bathroom feeling airy and light, and of course to avoid dampness and mould. If your budget is big enough you could invest in a skylight to give you a little extra light in your bathroom and stay environmentally friendly at the same time. You could also go for spot lighting on the ceiling or on the floor, this makes a room look larger, especially when spot lights on the floor are angled towards the cabinets.

To compliment the light in your bathroom, you should stick to a pale colour scheme, lighter walls will make the bathroom look larger. If you re a fan of colour, you can always spruce up your bathroom with boldly coloured accessories – by keeping the walls looking natural and light, you will make the room appear bigger and brighter.

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Another huge space-saving factor is to ensure you are maximising your storage space, a family of four using one small bathroom can create a lot of clutter so make sure you have sufficient storage space and give everything in your bathroom a place it can be put away and stored. This will help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

You should consider the bath and shower arrangements carefully – some with small bathrooms might have to sacrifice a bath for a larger shower fixture. If you think a bath is essential then you can always squeeze a fancy shower head in above it – getting the best of both worlds. For your shower screen try and opt for a transparent one as this will open up space. You should also opt for a sliding screen rather than one that opens up – the same goes for all cabinet doors. You could even unhinge the door leading to your bathroom and change to a sliding door if want to create more space in your bathroom.

A statement piece always helps to break up a room and create more space, by creating a focal point you are taking attention away from the space in the room and focusing on one piece – it could be an elegant mirror, a beautiful statement cabinet or a luxury sink.

If you want to design your bathroom from scratch, you should use bathroom planner software to help plan your room and to make sure you re maximising space in every possible way. Using simple CAD design software will allow you to plan your room on a computer-based programme to exactly the right dimensions and if you aren t happy with it, you can edit it with the click of a button, and chop and change things as you wish. The software allows you to be completely confident with your design before the labour starts so there s no changing and moving things around costing you extra money.

About the Author: Clair O’Hara is writing on behalf of Nexus Design Software, developers of

bathroom planner software



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All Travelers Ought To Know From Richmond Motels To Have The Stopover Certainly Memorable

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

All travelers ought to Know from Richmond Motels to have the stopover certainly memorable


Mahrissa Alford

Richmond Hotels with the Best Amenities

To draw in visitors and make sure that they patronize the hotels service continuously, Richmond hotels offer great amenities that they know guests will appreciate. Because of fierce competition, you can find hotels that offer unique services and facilities like the Omni Richmond Hotel that provides its business travelers with wireless internet access, conference and banquet facilities, an exhibit space, a ballroom, a fully equipped business center and secretarial services should they need it. The Jefferson Hotel has an excellent and state of the art fitness center and offers its guests free transportation service to the citys popular attractions. It has a convenient ATM located on site to save their guests trips to the bank and room service that is available 24 hours a day. The Hyatt Place Richmond Airport offers their guests complimentary shuttle service going to and from the airport and free parking. FEMA and the U. S. Government Fire Safety have also approved the hotels safety features.

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Low Rates in Richmond Hotels

Nowadays, finding hotels in Richmond that offer cheap rates for staying with them is not that hard to do. Because of our current financial climate, a lot of people have become budget conscious and are focusing on basic needs and skipping leisure time to save money. Many hotels as a result have lowered their rates quite considerably to keep their business going and attract even the most budget conscious to come stay at their hotel. The good news is that guests can still have a good stay, as hotel facilities and service remain the same even with lowered rates. Using the internet, you can find hotels that offer cheap rates and compare them with one another. Find out the kind of rooms available, what amenities and other services are offered by browsing through official websites of hotels you are interested in. You may also call them to ask for special packages or ask when is the best time to visit to enjoy discounted prices.

Environmentally Friendly Hotels in Richmond

More and more hotels in Richmond, Virginia have become environmentally friendly over the years. Eco-friendly hotels have implemented the optional linen service, encouraging their guests to reuse their towels and sheets to avoid changing them every day and the hotel staff only changes the linen upon request. Recycling and proper waste management is another practice hotels have adopted. The housekeeping staff is instructed to save unopened items that can be reused. Reusable dishware and glassware are used as much as possible and plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and other materials are recycled. Green hotels also have water and energy conservation practice like using energy efficient lighting systems and appliances, having individual thermostats in every room, and doing regular maintenance to prevent any leaks or drips in faucets and shower heads. The management advises their guests to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and turn off electronic appliances when not needed. Hotels also purchase goods and acquire services from providers who are environmentally conscious as well.

Pets Allowed in Richmond Hotels

With some planning, traveling with your pet animal can be an enjoyable and stress free experience. More and more tourist accommodations include pets as part of their clientele and the days when you have to place your pet cat or dog in the care of a neighbor, relative, or friend while you are out on your holiday are now long gone. Travelers can find numerous pet friendly hotels in Richmond. Extra non-refundable charges that cover services to clean up after your pet will be charged to the owners, usually on a per night or a per stay basis. A deposit is required by some hotels to safeguard them against damaged property, returned at the end of the stay if there is not. There may be some restrictions that hotels apply to pets allowable in their premises; responsible owners should inquire first before booking in. Some hotels may only allow pets within certain rooms only while others reserve the right to expel dogs who bark too much and disturbs guests.

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