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Awesome Chicago Vacation Ideas In Lincoln Park For Everyone

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

byAlma Abell

There is something for everyone in the Lincoln Park area of the great city of Chicago. If you are looking for some fun locations where you can spend some vacation time in Lincoln Park, here are a couple of ideas.

ComedySportz Theatre

One entertainment venue for those who enjoy improv is the ComedySportz theatre. Different nights feature different shows for all ages, and classes in improv are also offered for those willing to push their nerves out of the way and go for it. Whether you choose to take a class, or simply watch, those looking for a fun night and a good laugh will find it at the ComedySportz Theatre Lincoln Park.

Steppenwolf Theatre

For those appreciate the art of theatre, the Steppenwolf Theatre is just one theatre of many in Chicago’s version of Broadway. There are currently shows playing through the end of this month, and shows coming up include a play version of “Animal Farm” as well as titles “Marie Antoinette” and “The Herd.” So, if you’re looking to see something original, and cinemas are just not doing it for you, look up shows and times at the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Animal-lovers looking for something to do should check out the Lincoln Park zoo. It is a large zoo, and sure to show you a number of animals that you have likely never seen in real life including dwarf mongooses, Klipspringers, and sand cats. A myriad of reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians are present as well. If animals fascinate you, consider spending an afternoon in the Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the few Chicago vacation ideas in Lincoln Park.

The Boka and the The Butcher and the Burger

If you’re hungry and looking for Chicago vacation ideas in Lincoln Park, should check out the Boka. The menu items have a range of poultry, beef, and seafood, including duck breast, lamb shoulder, and monkfish. The price range is a bit higher here, so be ready to spend at least upwards of $70 for two. For a lower price, consider an evening out at The Butcher and The Burger. There is a variety of restaurants in Lincoln Park for all price ranges, so grab some food and spend some quality time with loved ones!

Chicago actually can be a cool vacation spot. If you are going to Chicago in the near future, consider the exciting venues above. Click here for more information.