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Power Thoughts, Using The Power Of Thought In The Best Direction}

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Power Thoughts, Using The Power Of Thought In The Best Direction


Houston Vetter

All power ultimately begins in the power of thought. Even though everything is fundamentally energy or light and information, how energy is designed to be used and controlled by a you is in the form of power thoughts. And yes, there is a difference between thoughts and power thoughts. Using basic English terms and grammatical structure, a thought is the first sentence of a paragraph and the rest of the paragraph is thinking designed to prove, justify or explain the first sentence of the paragraph.

Power thoughts are the summation, the final word or thoughts that put it all together. If you were to divide power thoughts down to individual thoughts they could require thinking to define them again. And yet, this is not always the case when using the power of thought. Often individual power thoughts can be humorous such as this one my Grampa used that has held true through time for me and that is, “The only thing you can count on is change, except from a vending machine.”

In reality humor often helps to bring the point home and make us deeply consider the power of thought. The power of thought is where it all starts and finishes. Energy is that which makes up everything made and not yet made. In-between the start of power thoughts and the final creation, it causes physical actions to happen and unless the power of thought is going in the right direction, i.e. power thoughts in the direction of what you want, you do not get your goals.

As a prime example every emotion that you have is based on where the power of thought has been applied, at least one time, to a body sensation. Whether you feel fear or happiness, anger or joy, hate or love, every single emotion that you have is because of the power of thought. What you often over look is, even though the power of thought is very powerful, unless you learn how and where to direct your thoughts and thinking, your thoughts will be going in the wrong direction and producing for you that which you do not want.

As an example, depression is power thoughts going in the direction of what you do not want. Peace is power thoughts going in the direction of what you want. Anxiety is going in the wrong direction, where joy is going in the direction you want.

The sad thing is, in school we are never taught how to use the power of thought to our benefit or even to get what we want. In fact we are never taught how to use power thoughts at all. We were taught what to think, which is really only beneficial to the one’s telling us what we should think and that is a major problem as no one can think or feel for another person. No wonder so many people have so many problems.

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