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Earthquake, tsunami combo caused devastation in Pichilemu, Chile

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pichilemu, Chile – Last Saturday, Chile was hit by a 8.8 earthquake. Many coastal towns were also hit by a tsunami, and Pichilemu was one of them. Its inhabitants were surprised by the giant waves that destroyed the most of the costanera and that reached the city square.

Pichilemu, that means in Mapudungun language small forest, is one of the most famous Chilean resort towns in the central zone of Chile. It is recurrently visited by surfers from all the world, because the Punta de Lobos beach is considered one of the best for surf practice worldwide.

Central Pichilemu was not severely damaged by the earthquake, but the tsunami caused significant destruction. The Fishermen Creek, located in front of the beach, was completely destroyed, and its machines are now unusable. Most of the AgustĂ­n Ross architecture that characterized the city, three of them being National Monuments of Chile, were damaged. The AgustĂ­n Ross Mirador, a famous location in front of the beach, located less than 200 meters from the Fisherman Creek, was completely destroyed. Its famous balustrades were washed away or thrown asunder. Many restaurants, kiosks and a circus were affected by the tsunami.

The rural parts of Pichilemu, like Ciruelos, Rodeillo and Espinillo feature houses constructed from adobe. Many were more than 100-years old, and were destroyed or are now uninhabitable.

The most powerful aftershock was produced almost 40 kilometers in front of the coast of Pichilemu, at the 03:10 local time (07:10 UTC) in March 2, with an intensity of 5.5 in the Richter scale, according to the USGS.

The Intendant of the O’Higgins Region, Juan Núñez, had a meeting with the Governor of the Cardenal Caro Province, Loreto Puebla, the Mayor of Pichilemu, Roberto CĂłrdova, and naval and military authorities, juntas de vecinos representatives. They decided to leave the Carabineros police force to maintain the security of the city.

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The Arturo Prat square was severely damaged by the earthquake and later by the tsunami. In the left picture, can be seen some kiosks, all of them were destroyed, as can be seen on the right picture. Image: Diego Grez.

A boat that was originally in front of the Fisherman Creek of Pichilemu, was thrown almost a block away by the powerful tsunami that hit Chile last Saturday. Image: Diego Grez.

A fair was located in front of the beach, called Feria Internacional Artesanal, where Peruvian and Chilean craftsman were selling their crafts. All of their premises were destroyed, and later looted by the people that were passing by the costanera. Image: Diego Grez.

This is how looked the AgustĂ­n Ross ‘Mirador’ (balcony) in the past. Image: Diego Grez.
The Famous AgustĂ­n Ross balcony (mirador), before and after the earthquake and tsunami. Image: Diego Grez.

A strong aftershock was originated around Pichilemu, in March 5, 2010, at 12:34:32 AM at epicenter (03:34:32 AM UTC). Image: USGS.

A Car Suspension System Is More Complex Than It Looks

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

byAlma Abell

If you have a look at the suspension system on your car it does not look all that complicated; a spring, shock absorber and a few bits fastened to them. In reality, a suspension system has a lot of work to do and the stresses in the components are higher than any other part in the vehicle. A suspension system that is in good working order will soak up bumps so the passengers in the vehicle can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride and equally important, makes sure the tires stay on the road as much as possible. Suspension repair in Midway must be carried out quickly as any component that fails or wears out can cause major problems with handling and safety.

Increase passenger comfort:

When the vehicle suspension is in good order, the ride will be very comfortable. The suspension can move up and down on demand, without a jolt. The driver is fully attuned with the road and able to react quickly to any changes in the road conditions. Problems with the ride can include”

Body roll:

A well tuned suspension should keep the vehicle relatively flat when going through a curve. If there is too much roll the driver can lose control due to an abnormal weight shift.

Bottoming out:

One factor that will certainly lead to suspension repair in Midway is if the car bottoms out when the springs and shocks are compressed. This condition can easy damage tires, the car body and suspension components.

When a vehicle maintains excellent traction and weight distribution it is said to have “good raid handling ability.” The suspension should allow the car to remain reasonably flat under hard braking; the front end should not squat down when the brakes are applied. The same holds true with acceleration, the car should not squat in the back.

Suspension components are quite robust and durable, but, with all the forces that must be dampened it should come as no surprise that parts do get damaged or simply fail from fatigue.

If your car is not handling properly the problem may be the suspension. For suspension repair in Midway you are invited to take your car to VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

16-year-old arrested over alleged plot to hijack US airliner

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A 16-year-old male from Novato, California has been arrested in Tennessee over allegations he intended to hijack a commercial passenger airliner in the United States.

The boy, who was unnamed due to his age, was a passenger on board Southwest Airlines Flight 284 from Los Angeles to Nashville on Tuesday, with his parents reporting him missing at 11:30 am the same day. Although he remained calm throughout the flight and made no hijacking attempt, authorities report he had handcuffs, duct tape and yarn inside the aircraft cabin with him. Although his arrest was only made public on Friday, it is reported that he was detained immediately on reaching Nashville International Airport.

George Bolds, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that the items were “suspicious” and that the boy had informed the FBI he had indeed intended to hijack the aircraft. An FBI agent told reporters that he felt the plot was ill-conceived, saying “His plan had a low probability of success.”

The FBI also conducted a search of his home on Thursday, finding in his room “a photograph of the inside of a small aircraft, something you’d find in a bookstore.”

Subsequent to his arrest he pled guilty on Friday to a “delinquent act,” according to local officials. A juvenile court judge ordered him to be returned to California for continued perusal of that charge as well as others set to be made. He is currently in Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center in Nashville.

Authorities believe that the teen was suicidal, but the FBI dismissed earlier reports alleging that he intended to crash the airliner into a Hannah Montana concert in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Stranded Russian minisub is trapped by 60 tonne anchor

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Friday, August 5, 2005

The Interfax news agency is reporting that a Russian minisub that was stranded underwater in the Pacific Ocean is trapped by two 60 tonne anchors.

The submarine propeller has snagged on the antenna of a sonar underwater coastal defense station, (or perhaps very long low frequency arrays, which can be thousands of yards) 623 ft below the ocean 43 miles off Kamchatka. “The anchor needs to be blown up” in order to be able to raise the AS-28 submarine, the commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet told Interfax.

“If the explosion is successful, the system will be raised to a depth of 100 meters and lit up by the Tiger [television camera], and we can at last be 100% sure that it’s the submarine, and deepwater divers will be able to continue work,” he continued.

The AS-28 submarine, with seven crew onboard, became entangled on Thursday while at a depth of 190 m.

Earlier reports that the submarine had been taken under tow have been proved false. Ships had attempted to trawl for the submarine in order to drag it into shallower water, but it is reported that they failed to capture the submarine.

The Pacific Fleet commander says that the crew have enough food and water to survive until Monday although oxygen will run out by Saturday. The three-man submarine was designed to supply the crew with a five day supply of oxygen, however with the seven man crew the supply has been greatly depleted.

Around ten Russian navy ships are attending, to be joined by four Japanese vessels on Monday. The US and UK navies are also flying in specialist rescue equipment, including two U.S. navy owned remotely-operated underwater robots capable of cutting through steel lines up to 1″ thick and one U.K. video array ROV. They will arrive on Saturday.

The crew have been using an underwater acoustic telephone to communicate with the surface, and are reported to be remaining calm. They have been told to keep still and to conserve the ship’s power supplies.

The same class of vessel, which measures 13.5 m by 3.8 m, was used during the ill-fated rescue attempt on the Kursk, which was lost with all hands almost exactly five years ago.

Dutch Football Association appoints Ronald Koeman manager of men’s national team

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Yesterday, the Royal Dutch Football Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond; KNVB) announced Ronald Koeman as the new manager of the men’s national team. The 54-year-old signed a four-and-half year contract, which is under “immediate effect up to and including the 2022 World Cup”((nl))Dutch language: onmiddellijke ingang tot en met het WK 2022 , KNVB’s official statement read.

Koeman has previously managed nine football clubs, and his most recent spell was in England, where he managed Southampton FC and Everton FC. In 2016–17, he guided Everton to a seventh place finish in the first season in-charge, but was sacked in October.

Featuring in 78 matches for the Dutch national team, Koeman won the Euro 1988. KNVB also appointed 49-year-old Nico-Jan Hoogma as the director. After signing the contract, Koeman tweeted, “I am proud to finally announce that I am the new manager of the Dutch national team. Happy to be here and serve the country in our road to UEFA Euro 2020”.

Netherlands had finished as the runners up at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and third at the 2014 World Cup under management of Louis van Gaal. But The Oranje failed to qualify for the UEFA Euro 2016 under Danny Blind’s management, and last year, they failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Russia. That was their second consecutive failure to qualify for a major tournament.

Koeman, who succeeds Dick Advocaat as the manager of the national team, is to face England in a friendly match to be played on March 23 in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

Track The Reasons Behind Urinary Tract Infection}

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Submitted by: My Ellura

Have you ever been bluffed by an untimely need to urinate or felt pain during urination. If yes then, I must tell you that these could be the symptoms of a serious urinary infection that is prevalent these days. It is a bacterial infection that disturbs any part of the urinary tract. It starts when one feels like urinating but fails to urinate actually and feels pain too. Cloudy urine is also one of the major symptoms that one can witness.

Our urine contains several fluids, waste products and salts. When a bacterium enters the kidney or bladder then a person begins to generate the signs of suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Bladder infection is quite common in men and women, but women are seen to be more vulnerable towards this issue.

YouTube Preview Image

You may find many articles, websites, advertisements that claim and talk about providing Urinary Tract Infection Remedies, but all this fail to solve the purpose of a patient. One of the most significant reasons behind it is the lack of sufficient information related to this disease. Those who try searching for it also end up beclouded with random stuff. First of all you should know the real cause and symptoms of urinary infection.

One of the most widely used Urinary Tract Infection remedies is to get treated with a short course of antibiotics. It may cause a little discomfort to the patient but are still used and recommended by the doctors.

Although, the symptoms of UTI differ in different age groups yet the most common of them is the feeling of burning during and after urination. A patient suffering from UTI goes frequently to toilet. There is no significant pain that can tell you if you have this infection, but the urge to urinate could act as a clue to you. The symptoms also vary according to the affected part of urinary system. Kids who suffer from it can complain you of loss of appetite and diarrhea. Usually children find it hard to deal with this problem. They suffer from fever and nausea, while some of them can be seen excessively crying. On the other hand, grown up people can feel pain in their abdomen.

One can control the situation before it turns worse if he knows the actual reasons that lay the grounds of this physical disorder. Cranberry is deemed to be the most effective fruit to treat UTI. If you take its juice or capsules then it can work wonders to relieve you from bladder infection. Women who give breast feed to infants are likely to have less chances of generating these symptoms. Therefore, those who suffer from it can use breastfeeding as a remedy.

There are various other reasons that are still not confirmed to be affecting this infection. All you can do is to assess yourself, if you have some similarity with the above mentioned symptoms and see a doctor as soon as possible, instead of wasting your time to look for household remedies.

About the Author: Ellura is a clinically proven cranberry extract product that has been proven as one of the most effective agents available for urinary tract health.ellura promotes urinary tract health. For More Information Visit –


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Microsoft launches Xbox360 Game “Halo 3” World-wide

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Microsoft Global announced that Xbox 360 first-person shooter Halo 3 launched world-wide during September 25 to 27. This launch of Halo 3 focuses on strategy, shooting, co-operating, and global linking between different languages.

In the United States, more than 10,000 retailers opened their stores at midnight on September 25. They provided a Halo 3 painted car as a grand prize. Gamers lined up for hours in excitement for the long awaited game to come out.

Shane Kim (Director of Microsoft Games Studio) awarded the first gamer who lined up for the launch at the Best Buy store in New York City, taking pictures with Jim Cush who dressed as “Master Chief”, and remarked that other 37 countries will play this game with different languages except English, with the sales of 10 million game copies.

In Taiwan, after Microsoft’s local division separately invited Taiwanese Band “Mayday” last Sunday (September 16) and SBL Yulon Dinosaur Team Players (Hsueh-lin Li and Chih-chung Chen) 4 days ago (September 22) at the “Halo 3 Pre-launch Carnival” in Taiwan, the company invited famous model Ruru Lin from Catwalk Co., Ltd. for the launch, and held a friendship match with 4 players who lined up from first place to fourth place.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Hong Kong held a “Halo 3: Ultimate Collection Exhibition” launch activity to show the Halo series figures, posters, game packs, and history. The first Chinese version of “Halo 3: Midnight Ultimate Madness” was published prior to Taiwan’s and USA’s release, at the Grand Century Place in Mong Kok, Kowloon in Hong Kong.

Man charged over motorway bridge collapse in Kent, England

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reports yesterday indicated a 63-year-old man has been charged in connection with the collapse of a pedestrian bridge onto the M20 motorway in Kent, England last year.

The unidentified man has been summonsed to appear at Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on February 17. As well as dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving he also faces three counts of criminal damage covering the bridge and damaged vehicles. The nonfatal accident left an elderly motorcyclist with broken ribs after he came off his bike avoiding the 170 tonnes of falling debris.

Two lorries were partially crushed by the collapse, which was triggered when a digger on the back of a lorry struck the concrete bridge. Kent Police continue to investigate; Highways England have said they will await that probe’s results before deciding if they will launch their own.

The August 27 collapse caused millions of pounds of damage, and closed a major route for more than 24 hours. Police sent several vehicles to the scene and 25 firefighters attended. An air ambulance also responded.

Workers with cranes toiled overnight to clear the road, which provides access to London as well as the Channel Tunnel and Port of Dover. The road was again closed one week later to collect the fallen bridge sections, which were sent to Highways England depots for investigators.

The collapse occurred on one of the busiest days of the year for the local road network.

Great Bathroom Renovation Tips

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

byAlma Abell

With all the modern bathroom cabinets, beautiful mirrors and vanities that are readily available from the plumbers merchants in Bromsgrove, you can create a bathroom which is not only beautiful, but also functional. Gone are the days when the bathroom was just a utilitarian space; today a modern bathroom, fitted with a shower area, a beautiful tub, comfortable toilet and sink is the minimum. Once completed with ample storage space, it becomes a haven from the outside world.

The great bathroom must address all your needs; here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are planning your bathroom renovation.

1. Elegant fixtures: A pedestal sink is far more attractive than a vanity unit and a claw foot bathtub is far more elegant than an acrylic tub.

2. Sit in the tub: Before you buy the bathtub, climb in it and see how it feels. For most people, a five foot tub is ample; enough room to lie back but not so long that you can’t get a toe hold. Check the angle of the back of the tub and the lip, you are looking for comfort and back support. If the space allotted for the tub is rather small, you will find deeper units at the plumbers merchants in Bromsgrove.

3. Durable flooring: The floor of the bathroom should be impervious to water and durable. Ideal flooring is ceramic, marble or stone. Although they are all hard surfaces, under floor heating will warm them. Hardwoods are often used as long as they are well sealed; they act as a foil the other surfaces in the bathroom which are often hard and unyielding.

4. The mirror: One oval mirror over a sink, beautifully framed is far more attractive than surfaces simply covered with flat mirrors. The designer mirror can be supplemented with a wall mounted, fully adjustable mirror which is ideal for shaving and makeup.

5. Utilize space: There is a perfect space for a cabinet between the wall studs. Recess a tall cabinet into this area rather than use floor space. A three inch deep cabinet is ideal for all the various bottles that are found in modern bathrooms.

6. Shower area: Use an open shower area, one which does not require doors or a shower curtain. A system with a large centre mounted rain type showerhead and well designed drains will keep the area other than the shower area dry.

7. Good lighting: Great lighting is a must. Use halogen spot lights coupled with wall sconces on either side of the mirror, use dimmers on all lights.

If you are fortunate and have a large space, consider a built-in dressing room and other luxury fittings that are available from a plumbers merchants in Bromsgrove.

Ohio State gunman kills employee before committing suicide

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Ohio State University employee allegedly killed a co-worker before committing suicide on Tuesday morning. The suspect was Nathaniel Brown, a 51-year-old custodial worker who has worked at the University since October. The victim of the shooting was Larry Wallington, a 48-year-old building service manager. Another employee, Henry Butler, was also shot, but survived and is in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

According to officials, the shooting took place at 3:30 A.M. local time. Brown is said to have walked into a maintenance building with two handguns, and then commenced firing. Although police say that there were six men in the room at the time, only Wallington and Butler were shot. Within an hour of the shooting, a text message was sent out to about 25,000 students and faculty on campus alerting them of what had happened.

Information gathered following the shooting has revealed that Brown was unemployed and struggling to pay his mortgage prior to his employment at Ohio State. Although a neighbor described him as “happy to be back at work,” Brown’s tenure at Ohio State ended quickly. Brown had learned from a recent letter from the school that he was going to be let go as of March 13. The letter went on to say that he had gotten an “unsatisfactory” job evaluation, and that was why he was being dismissed.