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Russian and US satellites collide

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Friday, February 13, 2009

The American civilian communications satellite Iridium 33 and the defunct Russian military communications satellite Kosmos-2251 collided over Siberia on Tuesday, according to NASA. The satellites, each weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds, and traveling at approximately 17,500 miles per hour, collided 491 miles above the earth.

The Iridium satellite was launched in 1997, and the Russian satellite was a Strela-2M model. The American satellite is expected to be replaced within the coming month as Iridium will maneuver one of its in-orbit satellites to replace the lost unit.

Although the first such satellite crash in space, such an event has been long predicted. Nicholas Johnson, chief scientist of NASA’s Orbital Debris Office at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center stated, “We knew this was going to happen eventually and this is it — this was the big one.”

While the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope are at minimal risk, the event does raise concerns that the debris cloud could collide with other satellites in the region, triggering an exponentially growing series of collisions and debris known as an ablation cascade.

The United States Strategic Command of the U.S. Department of Defense office is tracking the debris. The result of plotting analysis will be posted to a public website.

Microsoft announces web version of Office

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Microsoft has announced they will launch web versions of their popular Office software in 2010. It will be included in all versions of Office 2010 when it ships next year. All Windows Live customers will also reportedly have access. Testers will be given access at the end of this year.

The service will go into direct competition with Google Docs, launched three years ago. Last week Google announced they were going to launch a new operating system, called Google Chrome OS. Like Google Docs, Microsoft Office will be compatible with Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft’s group product manager for Office stated, “We believe the web has a lot to offer in terms of connectivity. We have over a half a billion customers world-wide and what we hear from them is that they really want the power of the web without compromise. They want collaboration without compromise. And what they tell us today is that going to the web often means they sacrifice fidelity, functionality and the quality of the content they care about. We knew that if and when we were ever going to bring applications into a web environment, we needed to do the hard work first because we hold such a high bar.”

Microsoft’s business software division, which includes Office, made USD 9.3 billion in profit during the first three-quarters of its 2009 fiscal year. Analysts from The Wall Street Journal have predicted that the move “could put at risk as much as $4 billion (£2.46 billion) in revenue.”

2008 Taste of Taiwan Cuisine features three shows for food and packaging industries

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Friday, June 20, 2008

The third annual Taste of Taiwan Cuisine opened on Wednesday of June 18, 2008 and runs until June 21. Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council to promote the culinary culture of Taiwan, the tradeshow featured three main shows for food and food packaging industries: “Food Taipei”, “Foodtech Taipei”, and “Taipei Pack”.

Twenty-seven countries including United States, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Sri Lanka, Austria, Philippines, Chile, Malaysia, Spain, Fiji, Poland, and six nations from Africa, grouped their own national pavilions for sourcing and procurement. In addition, the Taiwan Pavilion featured sections on culture, product image, brand design, and agriculture verification in Food Taipei.

Industrial solutions including medical applications, packaging machines, food CNCs, and bar-code printers are showcased in the “Foodtech Taipei” and “Taipei Pack”. Seminars and forums from security, global marketing, and policies for food, machinery, and packaging industries are also held during show hours.

After the 3-in-1 show in Taipei, the Kaohsiung International Food Show will be scheduled for November.

Interior Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

By Clair O’Hara

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, pamper and rejuvenate and it s also one of the principal rooms that will sell your house. Keeping it modern, stylish and functional is a must. Nowadays, a lot of modern houses have small bathrooms but this doesn t mean you can t make a small bathroom look stylish and also give the illusion it has lots of space.

The first step is to make the most of all the natural light available to you, if you are lucky to have a window in your bathroom then make sure you are allowing as much natural light in as possible. If not, make sure you have a good extractor fan to keep your bathroom feeling airy and light, and of course to avoid dampness and mould. If your budget is big enough you could invest in a skylight to give you a little extra light in your bathroom and stay environmentally friendly at the same time. You could also go for spot lighting on the ceiling or on the floor, this makes a room look larger, especially when spot lights on the floor are angled towards the cabinets.

To compliment the light in your bathroom, you should stick to a pale colour scheme, lighter walls will make the bathroom look larger. If you re a fan of colour, you can always spruce up your bathroom with boldly coloured accessories – by keeping the walls looking natural and light, you will make the room appear bigger and brighter.

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Another huge space-saving factor is to ensure you are maximising your storage space, a family of four using one small bathroom can create a lot of clutter so make sure you have sufficient storage space and give everything in your bathroom a place it can be put away and stored. This will help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

You should consider the bath and shower arrangements carefully – some with small bathrooms might have to sacrifice a bath for a larger shower fixture. If you think a bath is essential then you can always squeeze a fancy shower head in above it – getting the best of both worlds. For your shower screen try and opt for a transparent one as this will open up space. You should also opt for a sliding screen rather than one that opens up – the same goes for all cabinet doors. You could even unhinge the door leading to your bathroom and change to a sliding door if want to create more space in your bathroom.

A statement piece always helps to break up a room and create more space, by creating a focal point you are taking attention away from the space in the room and focusing on one piece – it could be an elegant mirror, a beautiful statement cabinet or a luxury sink.

If you want to design your bathroom from scratch, you should use bathroom planner software to help plan your room and to make sure you re maximising space in every possible way. Using simple CAD design software will allow you to plan your room on a computer-based programme to exactly the right dimensions and if you aren t happy with it, you can edit it with the click of a button, and chop and change things as you wish. The software allows you to be completely confident with your design before the labour starts so there s no changing and moving things around costing you extra money.

About the Author: Clair O’Hara is writing on behalf of Nexus Design Software, developers of

bathroom planner software



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New fossils from 10 million year old ape found in Ethiopia

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Researchers say that new, ten million-year-old fossils found in Ethiopia, prove that the theory that humans may have evolved from a species of great apes eight million years ago, may not be true, but that humans may have split from apes as long as 10.5 million years ago.

At least nine fossilized teeth, one canine tooth and eight molars, of a previously unknown species of apes found in Africa were discovered by a team of researchers from Ethiopia and Japan who then compared the 3-D make up of the teeth to other fossils that date back as far as 8 million years and found that the fossils are likely a “direct ancestor” of apes currently living in Africa and that the new ape fossils were that of a species of gorilla who ate mostly plants high in fiber.

Current fossils and research say that the evolutionary split from apes to humans occurred at least eight million years ago. The new fossils say that the split may have happened as long as 10.5 million years ago.

“Based on this fossil, that means the split is much earlier than has been anticipated by the molecular evidence. That means everything has to be put back,” said researcher at the Rift Valley Research Service in Ethiopia and a co-author of the study, Berhane Asfaw.

Despite the finds, other researchers are not convinced that the findings are correct.

“It is stretching the evidence to base a time scale for the evolution of the great apes on this new fossil. These structures appear on at least three independent lineages of apes, including gorillas, and they could relate to a dietary shift rather than indicating a new genetic trait,” said a Professor at the London Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom, Peter Andrews who also added, “but the fossil evidence for the evolution of our closest living relatives, the great apes, is almost non-existent.

Researchers have named the newly discovered species Cororapithecus abyssinicus whose remains were found in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, the same place where the remains of Lucy were discovered in 1974.

Clinton Gets Endorsement For Joseph Farivar For 2016 Presidency}

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Clinton Gets Endorsement for Joseph Farivar for 2016 Presidency



The President of the United States has historically been one of the most important figures on the global stage. In recent times, the office of the president has taken on new meaning. Its an office that can feasibly be responsible for changes throughout the world. Everyone from American corporations to a working-class citizen in Asia can feel the power of the American president. Thus, its an important position and one that should not be taken lightly. In 2016, America will elect a new president to fill the shoes of Barack Obama who will be exiting the office after two full terms. One of the frontrunners to fill his shoes is Hillary Clinton.

Of course, Clinton has an extensive background in politics and one that could help her earn the nomination of the Democratic Party. Obviously, she had been right next to her husband, Bill Clinton, as he took the offices of both the Governor of Arkansas and the President of the United States. But, more than that, Clinton has far-reaching experience both as a United States Senator from New York and the Secretary of State for the Obama administrations first term. It is this experience and understanding that has led Joseph Farivar, a businessman from Los Angeles, to endorse Hillary Clinton for a 2016 presidential run.

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Theres still a long road to the 2016 presidential election, but Farivar believes that Clinton is the ideal person for this particular job. Although the demands of the United States presidency are great, Farivar is confident that Hillary Clinton can withstand them valiantly. Farivar believes that Clinton is not only experienced, but also determined and compassionate enough to take on a job that affects a wide range of different individuals. Taking the presidency isnt like entering into any kind of a job. Its an enormous responsibility”one that Farivar believes Hillary Clinton can take on with great aplomb.

Farivar understands that Clinton will be an advocate for the less fortunate. She will maintain her compassion and look at how America affects the entire world because she has experience on the global stage already. Her tenure as Secretary of State took her to every corner of the world where she was privy to all sorts of injustices, crises, and political issues. Farivar believes that a leader who has the best interests of the world in mind is one that he wants leading this nation. His official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2016 should not come as an obligatory act of taking a side. He truly believes that Hillary Clinton has what it takes to become the best president for the nation and the world.

Farivar understands that global issues often take precedent over national ones. Thats why he went out of his way to help individuals in Argentina during one of their most dire times of crisis. He believes that Hillary Clinton will exhibit that same kind of compassion toward the rest of the world while also standing tall as a great leader on the national and international stage.

jhon.k is an experienced writer. He has written many articles in different topics. In this article he has shared about Clinton Gets Endorsement for Joseph Farivar for 2016 Presidency .

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21 July London bombing suspect held

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yasin Hassan Omar, 24 — suspected of the attempted attack on Warren Street Tube Station — has been arrested by police in Birmingham in a raid yesterday.

After being informed by a member of the public, police — supported by an army bomb disposal team from the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) — launched a dawn raid at 04:30 am BST on a ground floor flat in Heybarnes Road that Omar was apparently staying in alone. According to the British tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mirror”, Omar allegedly shouted at police to “Get back or I’ll take you with me”.

After a struggle ensued involving, it is believed, a rucksack that police feared was a bomb, Omar was shot in the bathroom by a 50,000-volt taser stun gun that temporarily disabled him. The rucksack was apparently thrown outside the window by police officers.

Around 100 homes were subsequently evacuated as a precautionary measure on the orders of the RLC bomb disposal team. The team then made a controlled explosion of the suspect package.

In a house in nearby Bankdale Road, three men, thought to be Somalis, were arrested and taken to a local police station.

Omar was later taken to Paddington Green, West London, the Metropolitan Police’s only high-security police station.

The flat in Birmingham remained guarded by police while forensic tests continued.

Elsewhere, three women were arrested in Blair House in Stockwell, London in connection with the investigations into the attempted attacks on 21 July.

Early this morning, nine people were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 in raids on two houses in Tooting, south London. None are believed to be the three remaining 21 July bombers at large.

Wikinews interviews Jim Hedges, U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Saturday, January 29, 2011

U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate Jim Hedges of Thompson Township, Pennsylvania took some time to answer a few questions about the Prohibition Party and his 2012 presidential campaign.

The Prohibition Party is the third oldest existing political party in the United States, having been established in 1869. It reached its height of popularity during the late 19th century. The party heavily supported the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which banned the sale of alcohol, and resulted in the US period known as Prohibition (1919–33). It was repealed in 1933. The party has declined since this period, but has continued to nominate candidates for the presidential election.

In 2003, the party split into two factions. Preacher Gene Amondson and perennial candidate Earl Dodge were nominated for the presidency by their respective factions. After Dodge’s death in 2007, the party reunified and named Amondson as its sole presidential nominee for 2008. During the election, Amondson was interviewed by Wikinews. He died in 2009, leaving an opening in the party for 2012.

Jim Hedges is a longtime Prohibition activist, who holds the distinction of the first individual of the 21st century (and the first since 1959) to be elected to a political office under the Prohibition Party banner. In 2001, he was elected as the Thompson Township tax assessor, and was re-elected to the post in 2005. He served until his term expired in 2010. Hedges declared his intent to run for the Prohibition Party presidential nomination on February 18, 2010. This marks his first run for the presidency.

Olympic highlights: August 11, 2008

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008 is the third main day of the 2008 Olympic games, the below article lists some of the highlights. As a lot of the new records were in swimming events, this article has several sections on swimming races.


  • 1 Events
    • 1.1 Women’s 100m Backstroke
    • 1.2 Men’s 100 m breaststroke
    • 1.3 Men’s 100m backstroke
    • 1.4 Men’s 10m air rifle
    • 1.5 Women’s 400m freestyle
    • 1.6 Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay
    • 1.7 Women’s 58kg weightlifting
    • 1.8 Women’s 200m Freestyle
  • 2 Medal Table
  • 3 Sources

The Zimbabwean Kirsty Coventry set a new world record in the semifinal of the women’s 100m backstroke with a time of 58.77 seconds.

Natalie Coughlin, who was representing the United States, finished in second place, while Nakamura Reiko finished in third place with a time of 59.64.

The Japanese Kosuke Kitajima set a new world record and won the gold medal in the final of men’s 100 m breaststroke with a time of 58.91.

Alexander Dale Oen won, who was representing Norway, finished in second place, while Hugues Duboscq of France finished in third place with a time of 59.37.

The Australian Hayden Stoeckel set a new Olympic record in semifinal of men’s 100m backstroke with a time of 52.97 seconds..

Matt Grevers, who was representing the United States finished in second place, while Ashley Delaney, who was also Australian finished in third place with a time of 53.76.

The Indian Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal in the final of men’s 10m air rifle with a score of 700.5.

China’s Zhu Qinan, who was representing China, won the silver medal, while Henri Hakkinen finished in third place with a score of 699.4.

Great Britain’s Rebecca Adlington won the gold medal in the final of women’s 400m freestyle with a time of 4:03.22 minutes..

Katie Hoff, who was representing the US, won the silver medal, while Joanne Jackson, also British, finished in third place with a time of 4:03.52.

The American team of Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones and Jason Lezak won the gold medal in come-from-behind fashion with a world-record time of 3:08.24 in the Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay final. Anchor Jason Lezak made up nearly a half-second deficit against French anchor Alain Bernard to win the race by 0.08 seconds.

France took the silver medal with a time of 3:08.32, an European record. Australia won the bronze medal with a time of 3:09.91, an Oceanian record.

The American team had previously broken the world record during the qualifying heats, setting at 3:12.23.

Lezak’s leg split of 46.06 seconds is the fastest 100m freestyle ever performed. However, only leadoff legs in relay events can count toward the individual event world record.

The Chinese Yanqing Chen set a new Olympic record and won the gold medal in the final of women’s 58kg weightlifting with a score of 244.

Marina Shainova, who was representing Russia won the silver medal, while Jong Ae O, a North Korean, finished in third place with a score of 226.

O’s score was one less than the score of Shainova, the person in second.

The Italian Federica Pellegrini set a new world record in heat six of women’s 200m Freestyle with a time of 1:55.45 minutes.

Katie Hoff, who was representing USA finished in second place, while Agnes Mutina finished in third place with a time of 1:57.25.

Mutina was just 0.05 seconds behind Hoff, who finished in second place.

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